Gallery: Here’s What LIFE Considers Their Sexiest Pictures Ever Taken

LIFE magazine is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and in doing so, they’ve compiled a list of what they’re calling their sexiest photos of all time. Here’s their own description of the collection:

LIFE’s photographers always had an eye for the provocative and alluring. Sometimes they spotted it on movie sets, where the most beautiful people in the world are hard at work being beautiful. Sometimes it was on fashion runways, where their cameras capture what the young and chic are wearing (or barely wearing). And sometimes, it was just wherever sun and spray prompted revealing displays of well-toned flesh, as in this shot from Co Rentmeester’s 1970 photo essay about California beach girls.

Let me translate that for you: “Sometimes LIFE photographers have lucked into being around women with very little clothes on. Here are some of the pictures they took in those circumstances.”

And indeed, the collection of 32 photos contains mostly pictures of young, naked or nearly naked girls, and one or two guys thrown in there for good measure.

So, sure, these pictures are sexy, if not very creative. But let’s go ahead and give them a more accurate title: LIFE’s pictures of naked or otherwise alluring women. Also, just so you know, LIFE, there are magazines out there that, like, do this whole “naked lady” thing exclusively. They might give you a run for your money.

[Some images in the gallery are NSFW due to nipple.]


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    • Jill

      I remember the day my mother used “sexy” in scrabble – I’m sure she had qualms, and I was near mortified as she counted up her points (she always wins). Just the thought of my mother having a meaning for the word sexy was uncomfortable, but it taught me a valuable lesson: words mean different things to different people.

      • M

        I feel like your comment made this post about a thousand times better.

    • Edi

      Oh, how I yearn for the pre-photoshop days.

    • MM

      I thought most of these were rather nice, but I have one question: what the fuck is going on in #12?

      • Sadako

        Jane Fonda in Barbarella.

    • luther

      Sophia Loren. I remember that Life cover as a teenager. Fond memories.