Here’s Our First Glimpse Of Gemma Ward in The Great Gatsby

As you may know, there’s an upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. We’re hoping it will be more Romeo + Juliet and less Australia. Either way, we know we’re really, really lucky Blake Lively wasn’t cast as Daisy Buchanan. That role goes to Carey Mulligan, whether you like it or not.

Oh! And retired–from fashion, at least–supermodel Gemma Ward will play Catherine (sister of Myrtle Wilson). Here’s the first glimpse of her in costume. We are very enthusiastic about her hair!


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    • porkchop

      eeeeeeeeee! Her gross lip-liner is the only thing stopping me from wetting my pants with happiness right now.

    • Nancy

      She doesn’t look real here… freaky. Sometimes when heavily made-up women are next to guys on tv or movies, they don’t even look real anymore. I watched a few episodes of Hart of Dixie, and after a while I felt like Rachel Bilson’s giant eyes were going to eat me. Her and Jamie King looked like aliens next to the guys on that show. Anyone else notice this?

    • Lisa

      Her dress and hair are clinging to her as with tentacles.