Snooki Scrubs Her Face With Cat Litter

Jersey Shore star and human booger Snooki showed up for an uncharacteristically subdued appearence on Conan last night to discuss Guido goings (“our culture”) and insists she isn’t orange. Things were going at a pretty uneventful clip until Conan brought up Snooki’s new book and its evidently bizarre beauty advice: its author suggests subbing cat litter for pricier exfoliants.

The exchange went like this:

Conan: “You give some very strange beauty tips in here. In this book, you say it’s acceptable to use cat litter–”

Snooki: “Clean cat litter.”

Conan: “Yes. I thought that would go without saying.”

Snooki: “Just making sure.”

Conan: “…On your face. As what? As an exfoliant?”

Snooki: “Yeah, well, I definitely, um, like to Google a lot. And I don’t like to spend a lot of money on, like, spa treatments, just because I’m, like, a cheapo. So I Googled what else I could use that’s, like, not so expensive, and it was… cat litter.”


Conan asks, “Isn’t cat litter, like, a strong chemical?” and Snooki looks as though this would never occur to her. She shrugs and says, “I haven’t broke out at all yet,” and Conan quips, “I guess that’s good enough for the FDA.”

No one will actually try this, right?

Then they talk about faux-lesbianism and if you have a brain, it’ll hurt. See the whole exchange below:

(via Styleite)

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    • L

      This is actually a pretty (I thought) well known ‘beauty secret’. Natural clay cat litter is a great alternative for overpriced spa bullshit.
      Granted, somehow I imagine Snooks slathering Fresh Step all over her mug.

      • BeccaTheCyborg

        I’d never heard of it. It sounds really kind of harsh and pointy. I mean, I do the DIY scrub thing myself (baking soda paste), but that sounds scratchy as fuck, awesomeness of clay notwithstanding.

    • Sherry B.

      Natural clay that is used in cat litter (NO additives!) is exactly the same base product, and what actually does all the good stuff for your skin, that you will find in even the priciest, most fancily-packaged jars. It is the very same clay that is used at spas. It is pulverized to a powder which is then mixed with a liquid. You can do the same thing at home using a heavy-duty blender. It always cracks me up that such supposedly intelligent, SO well-educated people are always so shocked when they are told the truth about such simple things!. They’re like, ” EEWWW! I could never do THAT!”. Idiocy never fails to amuse me.

      • anon

        Not to mention, Snooki probably doesn’t just waltz into the pet store and buy “natural clay cat litter with NO ADDITIVES!” She probably just grabs whatever she finds on the shelf. Which IS idiocy! We’re not talking about people using products for alternative uses here (which I do often, and I am indeed a “supposedly” intelligent, well-educated person.) We’re talking about SNOOKI. And that, my dear, is quite a different conversation.

    • kaz

      I’m not sure about the “natural clay cat litter” (I always used corn or pine) but I can’t stand the awful perfum-ey smell of most cat litters adn the thought of walking around smeling like that made me gag a little. :/

    • Tobi

      I just mix some body wash or olive oil with white sugar or sea salt.

    • AlexandraC

      Michelle Phan actually did a tutorial on a kitty litter mask because the clay used in cat litter is the same as in many face masks you’d find in any drug store.

    • Ron

      Well at least it’s cleaner than her, so chances are it’s doing the job.

    • FayFay

      Too bad that SLUT Snooki isn’t as beautiful on the inside as her skin is on the outside!