How Do You Feel About The Nude Photo Revolutionary?

Frankly, I forgot that in most of the world it’s not cool to be naked. Probably because in New York you get high fived when you wander around topless in a park. But when you post a nude photo of yourself on your own blog in Egypt, as Aliaa Magda Elmahdy just did (check out her pictures here, because we frankly want to drive more traffic to her blog) the reaction is very different. While Elmahdy claims she’s upholding the spirit of the revolution, leaders have disagreed.

A spokesman for the liberal party claims that

“the movement does not have any members who engage in such behavior. We are conservative youths, and we always encourage our members to be role models as far as ethics are concerned,”

Meanwhile, Sayyed el-Qimni, a secular Egyptian pundit, remarked:

“This hurts the entire secular current in front of those calling themselves the people of virtue.”

While her blog has received over 1 million views, the reaction on the Twittersphere – check it out at #nudephotorevolutionary – has also been surprisingly negative. Some statements include:

 My two cents about #NudePhotoRevolutionary: Truly do feel sorry for her. She’s barely 20 & misguided. This will shadow her forever,

All those “cool” #egyptian men applauding #nudephotorevolutionary let me see the applause when ur wife,sister or girlfriend drops her pants!

The lighting is aweful & the composition is dreadful break all the social boundaries you want, but don’t call it ART #NudePhotoRevolutionary

In response to the criticism, Elmahdy has said on her blog:

“Try nude models who worked in Fine Art Faculties in the early 1970s, hide all the art books, and smash naked archaeological statues. Then take off your clothes and look at yourselves in the mirror. Then burn your body that you so despise to get rid of your sexual complexes forever, before subjecting me to your bigoted insults or denying my freedom of expression.”

We’re really, really on her side. The only problem is that this might give more conservative movements in Egypt power when they suggest that if liberal parties are victorious then traditional values will erode. But if the only values that are being eroded are the fact that women can’t post naked arty photos of themselves on their blogs, well, that seems like an okay one to let go. What do you think?

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    • Abraham

      I truly commiserate with her parents and the entire people of Egypt over this very unfortunate and painful event. the girl’s simply misguided and abused by ignorant youthful exuberance.

    • User

      Go back to middle ages, Abraham.

      This is 2011, dude! The 21st century, get used to it. The future belongs to people like this girl, not to those like you and that angry crowd. Once in the west general public thought women’s rights to vote and other rights were also “ignorant youthful exuberance”, but history is not on the side of the crowd, it’s on the side of the brave ones. Long live the freedom!

    • Abraham

      User!!! there’s no future in moral decadence even if it’s 50th century!! I’m truly sorry for all that think there’s future in human degeneration.
      If this is 21st century, I prayed it move fast to pave way for a better generation of mankind.

      • Sam

        First off: chill with the exclamation points, buddy. We get it: you don’t

        Additionally, how on earth would you know who she is, where she comes from, what her intentions are? How do you know her exact background? Plus, do you “truly commiserate” with her parents/Egypt (over an event that really isn’t as tragic or painful as, say, just about any of the numerous bad events that that country’s been through in the past fifty years), or do you just wish to utilize this as a means to progress your own opinions against women?

        Oh, and you can’t be “abused by…exuberance,” sir. I think you use too much and understand your own sentences too little; I doubt you even realize that your choices of words are more or less inapplicable to what seems to be your intended statement. Sigh.

    • Abraham

      Well Sam may be you could never “get it” as you exclaimed!

      Whoever she may be or wherever she may comes from talk less of her intentions no meaningful family (of whatever background) can wish their offspring such kind of wrong attitudinal display in the name of freedom or emancipation, I have to truly commiserate with the entire country.

      As to what has been happening to them for the past fifty years this is what is more vivid to all of us.

      Wither I’m born an Englishman or not the aim is for my feelings about the incident to be understood which I believe the message have carried around successfully.

    • Ferris Wheel

      I wish we’d get over it already. Nudity has nothing to do with ethics or morality. It’s got nothing to do with anything.

    • Abraham

      If nudity got nothing to do with anything I don’t understands why the million hits to her blog and the numerous comments of concerned individuals plus even a disowning comment from one of the country’s political parties.

      I don’t believe nudity got nothing to do anything!!!!!!.

    • Ahmed cena

      تي اما حرية هادي الي تحكي علاها ناس ضحت بي حياتها من اجل الحرية الحقيقية مش الدوة الفاضية هادي واحني دينا الاسلامي وصنا بحفض شرف المرأة(لااله الا الله محمد رسول الله)الله اكبر