Coach Made A Handbag For Bloggers

Say you’re a handbag company and you want as much online coverage as possible. You could go the obvious route and cast a famous person in your campaign. Or, you could manufacture a product specifically for the people who provide the coverage, a media bag aimed at media types.

Coach has already charted this territory by working with established fashion bloggers in the past. Now they’ve gone a step further by making a carryall for bloggers, prosaically named the ‘Blogger Bag.’ It was designed in collaboration with Emily Johnston of and the oversize (of course) style features compartments for a laptop, camera, notepads, and chargers.

We think it’d be a pretty great day bag, but being a blogger-targeted and toting a blogger purse is a lot like wearing a certain band’s shirt to see them in concert. Which is to say, unacceptable.

The bag will retail in London Coach stores for £459.

(via Grazia)

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    • Jennifer Wright

      WAIT. They didn’t send us one?

    • Hanna Brooks Olsen

      I don’t know of a blogger who can afford a Coach bag. This is more of a blogger-fodder bag.

    • Anonymous

      You missed the most important point! Someone (be it a blogger or just a woman who “gets it”) has designed a bag that is PERFECT for the traveler or commuting career woman! This may be the “Blogger Bag” but it is a gift to any woman who every dumped her purse out on a table and said “HELP!”

    • Lisa

      I travel a lot for work and take my iPad with me everywhere I go. While I would never spend hundreds of dollars on a Coach Blogger Bag, these bags really are the perfect accessory for tech savvy women. I have a KABOObag, which is similar to the Coach Blogger Bag but much more affordable. KABOO bags have lots of pockets and a foam padded and shock absorbent pocket so my iPad stays protected. These bags really are great for the tech savvy and travelers.