Video: Watch Coco Rocha Raise $35,000 By Doing An Irish Jig For One Minute

Coco Rocha’s Irish Jig at Art Walk 2011 from Coco Rocha on Vimeo.

Today, in Amazing Hidden Talents Of Supermodels News: at a recent fundraiser for The Coalition For The Homeless, top model Coco Rocha used the promise of an Irish jig to get people to donate to the Emergency Feeding Fund. When folks donated $35,000 in just one minute (that’s $583 a second!), Rocha made good on her promise, removing her high heels and busting out her best Irish step-dancing routine. Fam0us attendees included Richard Gere and Alec Baldwin, who were probably just as impressed as you are that she 1.) had this talent, and 2.) was willing to perform it in front of a huge crowd of fancy people. If only we could all raise $35,000 for the homeless each time we did a goofy dance. I’d silly-dance all day and all night.

UPDATE: It has just come to my attention that this is not actually the first time Rocha has jigged in public; she did a similar routine on the Jean Paul Gaultier runway back in 2007. The more you know. Still: this video remains awesome.

(Via Modelinia)

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    • Sara

      Certainly as a fashion writer you know that Coco was “discovered” at an Irish dance competition, right?

      And also, Irish Step Dance is a traditional form of dance that goes back many proud Irish generations – to call it goofy and silly is both ignorant and insulting.

    • fashionner

      I must take this opportunity to write to you from my heart.

    • August S.

      Dancing for money: another thing added to the list of “Stuff Supermodels Do Better Than Us”