Red Carpet Rundown: The Good, The Bad, & The Desperate For Attention At The AMA’s

Do you like music? Do you like awards? What about America? If you like all of those things, then the American Music Awards are just for you. Or, maybe the Grammys? Either way, music ceremonies always have the worst clothes. Here are the looks from Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Adam Lambert, Heidi Klum and more.

(All photos via Getty)

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    • porkchop


      How much does she look like this Max Ernst painting?

    • Jason

      Adam looked absolutely amazing! Beautiful man.

    • Lisa

      I think this might have been the first negative comment I’ve heard/read regarding Taylor Swift’s dress.

      And Jenny McCarthy’s booties were definitely a mistake. But then again, I think that booties are almost always a mistake.

      What I really want to know is though, what was up with all of the neutral colors? They’re pretty…but get really boring after awhile.

    • Lindsay Cross

      I only hate you a little for supporting J Lo and that ridiculous mess. My hate is nullified by the description of Katy Perry as “less Happy Meal toy than usual.”

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I said she was working it. That makes it kind of admirable, though not necessarily tolerable.

    • Celia

      What the hell is the dress code for this event? Sweater dresses, ball gowns, velvet tuxes (I’m lookin’ at you, Biebs.).

    • Ash

      Nicki can pretty much get away with almost anything (but she looks her best when her hair is in the short bob). and I would like J.Lo’s dress more if it wasn’t see through.

    • Hall

      I love how cute Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber looked. Yes, it’s very dress up, but it’s appropriate and sweet.

    • magsmagenta

      Adam Looked Stunning, I love long coats, you should have had a picture of him with his boyfriend though.
      A lot of people seem to have missed the point that Adam wore the suit he wore for the 2009 AMAs performance but with a different jacket, and his BF Sauli wore the tie Adam wore that night too, absolute Genius way to show his unrepentance :)

    • Marly

      Actually, Lambert’s outfit was a “Screw You” comment made via clothes, since his pants and vest (as well as his boyfriend’s rings) were all from Lambert’s 2009 AMA performance that resulted in the AMAs banning him.