Kristen Stewart’s Wedding Dress From Breaking Dawn Is Available Now

For all of you disturbed people out there who won’t be buying copies of Kim Kardashian‘s wedding dress by Vera Wang because of the whole divorce curse, there’s finally something for you (besides Haldol!): the wedding dress worn by Bella Swan (as played by Kristen Stewart) in Twilight: Glitter Vampires Who Don’t Fuck.

Bridal design house Alfred Angelo has released its exclusive Twilight-sanctioned wedding dress for the seemingly reasonable price of $799. The gown as it appeared in the film was designed by Carolina Herrera, though she worked closely with the bridal atelier to “ensure accuracy of the copy.”

Herrera said the design was about “the magic and the moment that is the wedding, and also about her (Bella’s) personality, which is very important in a wedding gown. She is this very innocent girl that is believing in her first true love and there is romance and there is fantasy and mystery. I took all that into consideration.”

Setting aside the fact that this dress is… arguably… very ugly (though we’re pretty anti-satin all the time), would you wear this?

Let’s say it wasn’t Twilight-branded, would it appeal?

And let’s say that–since it is–would the vampire movie association deter you?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

(via Today)

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    • Colleen

      Take the sleeves off, remove the obnoxious buttons all the way down the back (and into the TRAIN? Who DOES that?) and sub out the weird lacy-cut-out for a clean open back and it’s not terrible.

      So, yeah. Change almost everything about it and I’d wear it. I wouldn’t pay for it, though.

    • Daisy

      I actually like the back (except the overload on buttons), but I truly hate the front. So no.

    • porkchop

      Even if Carolina Herrera is involved, there is no way to render a movie costume in polyester satin and have it look anything but cheap.

    • Twink Watson

      I made the dress out of icing onto a doll cake!

    • Nathalie

      i like the back but the front makes your boobs look weird

    • MM

      I like the pattern. The satin fabric is TERRIBLE, though.

    • Dara

      First of all, Bella is in no way innocent; throughout the series [which I despise] she is trying to get Edward to sleep with her. So I have to disagree that this dress matches her personality based on innocence, however, it is as boring as Bella’s character is. Kudos to that.

    • F. Thatcher




      • WMV

        She’s in a wedding dress, not a bikini, simmer down.

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    • Lo

      The silhouette’s nice. Other than that, it’s boring and a few decades out of place, so it suits Bella perfectly.

    • edi

      it’s a pretty “meh” wedding dress. i hate those buttons all the way down the train and the ones along the back are way too “hey this is where my spine is” for me. as others have said, the model looks 12 and that’s serious creep factor. the price tag is great though.

    • Fatima

      Carolina is silly to claim this. It’s awful. The back is okay but the front is so … Odd.

    • Lauren

      Maybe I’d wear it if they took off the sleeves, took out the weird back panel, didn’t have Alfred Angelo make it and didn’t manufacture it in China….or out of polyester.

    • Ninargh

      Take the sleeves off, fix the weird boob panel thing going on and change the awful cheap looking fabric and I might give it a go. But as it is, it’s pretty terrible.

      Also, Twilight: Glitter Vampires Who Don’t Fuck. Tee hee.
      Here here! I concur. Vampires are all about blood, sex and violence. Or some combination thereof. It’s like Meyer stripped them of everything that makes vampires sexy and alluring and it’s SAD. Spike would rip through them like tissue paper.

    • Patricia

      I love love love love the back. I loathe the front.

    • dave martin

      It perfectly fits b ella since she is not really a skinny kind of person. And the design fits well also in the movie.

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    • Katherine

      The back is nice, the front is so strange

    • Diana

      I don’t like that wedding gown at all, only the back design without those train of buttons. I usually like simple but elegant wedding gowns but this one, VERY BORING. The wedding will happen only once on Bella’s entire life (since she’s going to be a vampire and live for eternity with Edward) so they should make her prettier. I’m disappointed with the gown, I would never ever wear a wedding gown like that.

      • Katrina

        No, they shouldn’t have made her prettier cuz if you even paid any attention to the the character or even bothered to read the books, she likes things very simple and she didn’t even want to get married anyway. Therefore the dress being as “boring” as it was it fit to her personality and thats what matters when you buy a gown NOT its extravagance. duh.

    • Ren

      I must be odd, because I thought the dress was pretty ideal. I love the back, and I know that my dress will have buttons all the way down, including the train. While I would prefer lace sleeves and (almost) any fabric other than satin for the main dress I like the rest of it as well. Although I would probably add some thing to dress it up a bit; at the price of the dress Swarovski accents.

    • Emmett North Jr

      Kristen looks revashing in this white low cut wedding dress,Emmett North Jr.

    • Louise

      Such a beautiful dress at a reasonable price! Definitly sharing this with our brides from our wedding registry.

    • amie

      the wedding gown is stunning, glamorous ; how i wish i could wear something like that someday:)