The Editors Discuss: Faking Orgasms And ‘Marcel The Shell With Shoes On’

Editor in Chief Jennifer Wright really wanted to discuss Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, while Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff wanted to talk about shamelessly faking orgasms. Since this was too much like Sophie’s Choice, they decided to do both.

Here are some videos for reference:

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    • Jamie Peck

      I feel like Marcel is honest and in touch with his body enough so that he would never fake it or lie about it. He would never even think to do so. If someone really cares about you, they will want you to be honest with them about your needs, because they want to make you feel good. Not for some kind of macho ego boost, but because they genuinely care about your pleasure. (I.e. the only valid reason to ask.) And if they don’t really care about you…well, why are you sparing their feelings? Faking it is a negative feedback loop that makes it decreasingly likely you’ll ever have an orgasm again! Not to mention a disservice to other women.

    • Alexandra

      I adore Marcel! I love that he just always seems to see the best in everything and everyone. You show me a person that doesn’t melt when he says, “Wanna know why I smile so much?” – “Because it’s worth it” and I will show you a liar!

    • MR

      Again a guy’s perspective, though I think Jamie covered it very well. If I have feelings for a woman and she has feelings for me, it’s a lot easier for her to have one. It’s not that I can’t make a woman, who doesn’t have feelings for me, have an orgasm. It’s just not as easy. And as far as faking it, there is a certain way a woman holds you during and right after. And if the lights on after, her face also has a glow that’s unmistakable.