Video: This Is Scandalous

Which is surprising, because lollipops seem so wholesome!

I’ll give you the Chordette’s music video is  nowhere near as shocking as any video in 2011 featuring lollipops but dude, look at that guy. Look at that guy repeatedly making a blowjob symbol at your grandmother. Gleefully! Joyfully! He knows what he’s doing. If you’re getting together with your family this Thanksgiving show them this and ask if it seemed to be all about blowjobs at the time. I’m not a betting woman, but I’m going to bet your grandfather always knew it was weird and just snickered endlessly at this video in his youth. Actually, don’t do that. Never have that conversation. Forget this ever happened.

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    • Maria VS

      Try this:

      France Gall teen idol of the 6O’s singing about blowjobs in a very innocent way thanks to what seems today to be a very obvious double meaning.

      The translation goes something like
      “Annie likes lollipopos, anise flavoured lollipops, and when the the melted suggar drips in her mouth she reaches heaven.”

      • MM

        But that was France! And the 60s!

        This song feels laden with innuendo but I don’t know how much was intentional.

    • laneti

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    • Maria VS

      If you’re talking about les sucettes (I’m not certain to which song you’re refering exactly, sorry :p) the lyrics were totally deliberate, as they were written by notorious “rebellious chap” Serge Gainsbourg. You should check reverso, it gets worse as the song progresses!