Poll: Do You Think Angelina Jolie Looks Too Thin?

angelina jolie too thin

We know that we tend to worry about weight around Thanksgiving, but Angelina Jolie has us worried about weight in an entirely different way. We’re used to seeing celebrities looking very, very thin, but seen from the side, Angelina strikes us as downright frail. The Daily Mail claims that “Her weight is said to hover around the 97lb mark – underweight for her 5ft 8in height.” That’s… not a lot of weight. That’s awfully skinny. But that could be conjecture! The Daily Mail can be a bit of a dubious source. Still, those wrists are kind of freaky. How do you feel about this very important Thanksgiving related issue?

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    • Lisa

      Yes, and it’s the visible veins that do it for me.

    • Fabel

      I’ve seen her height listed as 5’7″ from multiple, more reliable sources (although, either way, 97lbs would be…um…underweight). Her arms have always looked vein-y like that, which doesn’t mean anything, but the elbow area does look under-padded. It could just be skin becoming thinner with age?

    • L

      Ugh. She looks like Kane from Poltergeist.

    • sandy

      Show me a photo of her blood test results and I’ll tell you whether she’s unhealthy or not.

      I’m tired of talking fat/skinny. Instead, let’s have a poll about whether or not her rumored menu of 600 calories is healthy or not.


      • MR

        I’m a guy and I think the world of her, and her arm doesn’t look natural. 600 calories a day – I know a woman who does roughly that, and it’s not healthy.

    • Fashionistas

      She still look so beautiful for me and not unhealthy. She has a lot of things to do so I don’t really believe she is getting thin plus unhealthy. Look at hear aura and how she look ,she still embodies a beautiful Fashionistas girl with a voice.

    • BMBhattacharjee

      No. It is the angle of the photograph only. She is still the iconic figure as far as style is concerned.Beauty Tips for Women