The Editors Discuss: Let’s Be Thankful For Michael Fassbender

A few days ago, Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff stated “I have crushing guilt over how attractive I find Michael Fassbender in Fish Tank” in response to a post Editor in Chief Jennifer Wright wrote about how Ryan Gosling is not that sexy. Most of us thought she was just being wildly off point, as is her way.

One commenter felt differently and declared:

“I have crushing guilt over how attractive I find Michael Fassbender in Fish Bowl.”

Are you serious?? What a disgusting comment.

Michael Fassbender played a eurotrash deadbeat dad and cheating husband who left his wife to go screw a mother and then her teen daughter.

The teen girl was only like 14 or 15 which made his character a PEDOPHILE who statutorily raped a teenaged girl who he was becoming a FATHER-FIGURE to because he was dating her mom. He was also a DEADBEAT father to his own little girl who he abandoned. You find all his sexy? I think you need some professional help, sweetie.

I have no idea what he’s like in real life but in that movie his character made me sick. And that was EXACTLY the intention when they were writing his character. The director of the film said he was a full blown creep. So I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind could find that sexy.

You need a good shrink to sort you out.

We’re titling this post “Let’s Be Thankful for Michael Fassbender” because we didn’t want to title it “Why is Ashley such a psychotic whore?” Let’s begin.

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    • Rose D.

      I am thankful you did this post. Even my husband agrees, he’s hot. (In fact, husband’s exact comment was, “He should have been People’s Sexiest Man. Who’s sexier than him?”)

    • Ninargh

      I didn’t know how hot I thought Michael Fassbender was until this slideshow. That shot, topless in low slung jeans, made my mouth water while I’m SURE the 300 shot lost me a fair few IQ points.

      Also, I didn’t think that the distinction between being attracted to an extremely handsome actor and condoning and/or being attracted his seedy, destructive (not pedophillic) character was that difficult to grasp.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Me neither! Because it was not a difficult distinction to make!

        Also, if those first three slides do it for you, see Fish Tank. Be warned, though: you may find his character sexually attractive.

      • Ninargh

        I’m totally planning to. I’m sure his character portrayal is great, he’s an extremely talented actor. But I’m mostly watching it because he takes his clothes off. And I’m okay with that.

      • Fabel

        “I didn’t know how hot I thought Michael Fassbender was until this slideshow”

        I am seconding this. And I can’t stop looking at the torso/back curve/hip line in the 2nd & 3rd slide, omgg.

      • Ninargh


        I’m thankful for the slight curve of arse and his hipbones in the third shot.

    • Debbie Downer

      Unfortunately, I just can’t get behind the Fass love.

      He…allegedly beat up his ex girlfriend. And that’s not cool.

    • Sophie

      He allegedly beat up his girlfriend in 2009.
      “According to the legal papers, Fassbender reportedly woke up in his own urine and started becoming violent towards Andrews, before he “threw (her) over a chair and broke (her) nose.” Andrews also claimed Fassbender dragged her alongside their car on another night after an argument about one of her ex-boyfriends. On that occasion, Andrews alleges she was left with a twisted left ankle, a blown knee cap and a burst ovarian cyst. ”

      • Pam

        And when this allegedly happened, he was at a film festival. This woman has also made similiar claims of other boyfriends. See a pattern here? Don’t believe everything you read on gossip sites.

      • Jackie

        The girlfriend dropped the charges. Your argument is invalid.

      • Georgia

        Wow, you’re right. Because every dropped allegation against a celebrity automatically means that it never actually happened?
        We’ll never know the truth because it never went to court, and Fassbender/his team never publicly responded to it. I’d like to think that he didn’t do it, but ultimately we’ll never know.

    • Breeza

      I’m with Rose D. I love him. You can’t believe everything you read on sites. I think he’s wayyyy sexier than Bradley I’m Gay Cooper.

    • Hall

      He just does everything for me. 100% hot. And, at 15 years old, had this man approached me for sex I would have said yes. And at 15 I was a virgin.

    • odbery


    • monica

      Michael F is the farthest thing from this character he played in Fish Tank. Michael is a down to earth sweetheart that has my heart hearthorbing for him. He is amazingly talented. And because he got you grossed out this means he did his job very well done. He is for me the sexiest men alive.