Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Protesters At UC Davis Gets His Own T-Shirt

The cop who pepper-sprayed UC Davis protesters as they sat peacefully on the sidewalk has now had his actions immortalized in a t-shirt.

Officer John Pike was captured on video as he took a casual stroll in front of the line of college students, hitting them with pepper spray as if he were holding a garden hose and watering plants on a lazy Sunday afternoon. After spawning a group of memes, the image of Pike with the spraycan has made its way onto a gray cotton top that depicts butterflies coming out of his spraycan rather than the toxic chemicals that actually emerged.

It’s being sold on Etsy for $8.

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    • Jenny

      Not to be one of “those” people, but OC Spray isn’t toxic – it’s not poisonous and doesn’t have any actually damaging effects on the body – it just hurts and makes you cry and snot everywhere.

      • Masso

        That doesn’t make his actions okay.

    • Jillian

      I don’t think Jenny did say it was ok, Masso. I think she was correcting the article so it didn’t dramatically over villainize the officer. That’s why she had to preface her statement with “not to be one of those people,” to keep everyone from jumping all over her as if she were a…gasp…1% sympathizer.