Would You Wear: Courtney Stodden’s Old Clothing?

courtney stodden thanksgiving clothing charity

We think it’s terrific that 17 year old child bride Courtney Stodden is getting in the Thanksgiving spirit by donating her used clothing to charity - but we’re hesitant as to whether she owns anything you could wear to say, a job interview. I’m not sure that gold lame hot pants are the most essential winter attire, but I guess everybody likes to have fun? And, to be fair, she looked pretty understated for her in this lace tube top and jeans when she showed up to drop her duds off, but then this was an incredibly understated outfit by her standards. So that’s something to think about, then.

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    • Sella

      Um, Hey Court – You really need to align the padding/cups in your shirt with your actual boobs. Nothing is lined up right now. At all.

    • kel

      I guess she just couldn’t bear to part with the “gold” arm cuff thing.

    • Ms. Pants

      Okay, so I’ve had D cups for most of my life. If this bitch thinks anyone is buying her “never had any surgery, I swear!” story, she’s on crack. Big boobs do not bubble like that without the employ of duct tape or a serious foundation garment, either of which could be seen through this $4 outlet mall “shirt.”

      And 17? Pshhh. If she’s 17, so am I. She looks way older than I do and I was born in 1975.

      • Furious George

        YES! Finally. She may or may not have had boob implants (probably yes), but MAINLY what I see is a lot of padded-bra, possibly tissue-stuffing activity.

    • Jen

      So. Tacky.