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    • resa

      yes why not

    • Rachel

      ewwie…NO!! it will make your hair oily and greasy!! it will look disgusting and be sooo flat and will have absolutely NO volume!! plus dust and little things will stick to the grase in your hair and it will look gross. also it cause dandruff and so there will be little floating pieces of gross white stuff that wont some off because of the sticky grase. AND….. your hair will always look wet!!! you can put oil on dead ends and on the d=ends of your hair before or after shampooing or showering or whatever, but if you oily hair, NO WAY!! you will look like a freak. AND…. oily hair=oily face which means zits and pimples!! so unless you want to look like your hair is deep-fryed in oil AND have zits all over, dont do it!!