Party Favors: Two Babies, One Bag Of Flour

Babies wreaking havoc with common pantry items. -The Stir

Hollywood ruins everything. -Your Tango

One theory as to why everyone loves Taylor Swift. -College Candy

The best pick-up lines, according to science. -Divine Caroline

Crushing but true: kids are learning about sex from porn. -DoubleX

The surprising science behind hair oil. -StyleList

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“Is it organic?:” How to read the labels. -YouBeauty

The Hairpin’s Jane Marie makes it look so easy. -The Hairpin

Hilary Rhoda can pull off leopard print pants because she’s Hilary Rhoda. -HuffPo Style

Let the Versace x H&M horror stories begin! -Styleite

An Black Friday round-ups, too. -Betty Confidential

Timo Weiland likes Kiehl’s, splurges on La Mer. -Birchbox

Here is a man wearing a dead coyote on his head. -The Frisky

Let’s look at vintage Delia’s catalogues. -Refinery29

Yes, Sally Hansen made press-on plaid nails for the holidays. -The Budget Babe

Eating disorders in older women are on the rise. -YouBeauty

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