Do You Find This Vodka Ad Offensive?

Wódka Vodka recently came under fire for a billboard they put up (in New York City, of all places) promising “Christmas quality, Hanukkah pricing” in their vodka. Get it, because Jews are cheap? What an original joke they have made!

As a Jew, I’m mildly offended, but also amused that this is Wódka’s sincere marketing campaign. Were they trying to pull off some Vice-style, ironic, meta-humor about racist jokes? (No.) And what’s with the dogs? Do they think Afghan wolfhounds are especially Jewy-looking? (Yes.) Personally, I would have gone with these guys:

When confronted with a long, angry press release from the ADL, Wódka responded that they didn’t mean Jews are cheap, they just meant Hanukkah is a crappier holiday than Christmas. Which is true!

Said a rep:

Simply put Hanukkah represents a better value because you get 8 nights for the price of 1 – much like Wodka, more for less. Additionally, Christmas is celebrated with a pomp and circumstance that outshines Hanukkah at every level – this is undeniable. As a Jew who grew up not celebrating Christmas in any capacity, I believed hanukkah was equal but like many Jews, envied the fancy packaging Christmas came in. Our campaign celebrates the simplicity of Hanukkah and Wodka and promotes the fact that, like Wodka, “fancy packaging” doesn’t equate to better quality.

In any case, I will not be drinking any vodka with an odd pronunciation this holiday season. I will be drinking Jameson and Xanax, as the God of my people intended.

(Via NY Mag)

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    • Frank

      The ad is hysterical. People need to relax and enjoy, rather than looking for things to bitch about. All it’s doing is playing on a stereotype which is funny. It wasn’t meant to be offensive and even the President of the marketing company (who approved the ad) is jewish and thought it was funny.

    • Julie

      The ad is so silly, it should be taken in that context. It could be offensive to non-Jews who have so overcommercialized the Christmas holiday that a little Hanukkah simplicity is refreshing. There are so many ways to take the ad. We have become far too sensitive in everything we do. We should be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes!

    • Fatime

      I actually believe the company’s press release. It makes sense. The ad on the other hand does not. It’s pretty stupid as is the brand name but whatevs. People need to relax, perhaps with some Wodka.

      • Mags

        Just for the nit-picky record, the “funny” spelling is in fact the proper way to spell vodka (wódka) in Polish. The more you know :)

    • Steve P

      It’s ridiculous. The stupidity of this ad makes me doubt the competence of the folks who run this company! If this ad doesn’t convey prejudice at best it shows very poor judgment.

    • abukamoon

      There is nothing anti-Semitic about this ad. There is nothing offensive. It’s just a funny stereotype of Jews being great at bargaining. What’s wrong with that? I like that trait. I think it is a compliment.

      People need to stop looking for things to be offended by.

    • Steve P

      @abukamoon: That’s all well and good, but even “positive” stereotypes can be destructive.

    • Miguel

      Who is this D-bag writing this?