Rihanna Is Tougher Than You’d Expect

Rihanna x-factor school girl

I mean, not just because of the Reb’l Fleur video, although we’re still pretty caught up in that. Or because of Rihanna‘s tartan school girl outfit (obviously). But check out her shoes:

Rihanna x-rated shoes

Admittedly, writing expletives on your shoes isn’t the most original thing in the entire world. Still, this seems so much like something we would have done at 13 while we were watching endless episodes of Daria that we can’t help but feel a little bit charmed by it. “We’re such badasses” we would have thought, and then our mothers would have never let us wear those shoes to school. So, yeah, we’re okay with this decision. How do you feel?


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    • Cee

      She tries to hard..Im so over her

      • Fatima

        Agreed. It’s not that badass if it’s been done to death. Every grunge and goth girl I ever knew did some rendition of wearing expletives. Yawn.

    • MM

      The entire outfit is something I would have worn at 13. I’m honestly kind of confused that Rihanna is going for this look.

    • Em

      Maybe she’s trying to relive her teenage years? Just a thought