Gallery: 10 Things I’d Rather Do Than Go Shopping On Black Friday

Black Friday is only two days away, guys! What’s your battle plan? Mine is to stay as far away from centers of commerce as possible, because that shit is terrifying. Here are some things I’d rather do instead.

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    • Fabel

      I’ll abandon stuff & walk out of a store if I notice more than maybe 7 people on line, so I’m with you on this. Just that picture is raising my blood pressure

    • Eileen

      I went once because my sister’s friend from Turkey was visiting and wanted to experience Black Friday, but I’m with you.

    • Jenn

      Actually my current Black Friday plans are to clean out my closet, do all my laundry, and clean my room. It’s been years…

    • MM

      I thought you photoshopped the tampon tea stock photo. Then I found it…AND another one under the title ‘vampire tea.’ WTF, internet?