7 Biggest Reasons to Thank Your Boyfriend This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving tradition stipulates that you give thanks. Most of us thank the good lord for being fortunate enough to have food on the table, wireless internet and a job that pays the bar tabs. Some of us thank our family, our friends, and all of our loved ones.

But this year, think about lauding your boyfriend with a big gravy boat full of thanks. After all, he did lug your bags upstate to have dinner with your extended family while your creepy grand-aunt made gummy faces across the table. And he did skip watching the game to help your mom slice vegetables until he sliced off the tip of his finger, which you suspect he did on purpose.

Okay, okay. He’s not perfect, but he’s a wonderful boyfriend. Here’s why you should thank him profusely.

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    • Stella

      He deals with your shit when you’re PMSing, doesn’t tell you that you’re fat, and puts up with your vapid, shallow TV shows? God, please tell me this is parody. The Gloss is getting more and more like Cosmo every time I come here, which is less and less….