Poll: Do You Go To The Gym The Day After Thanksgiving?

post thanksgiving workout

Happy post-Thanksgiving! We’ll be spending the day nursing a hangover and just patting out bloated, stuffing-filled bellies. But you might have different plans. Plans that involve getting up, and walking, and perhaps even running. Or playing squash. Or fencing. We don’t know how you exercise. If you have those plans, we think you are a lunatic, but we admire you. What we’re saying is – will you be going to the gym today? If so, why, for God’s sake, why?

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    • Elizabeth

      Sort of! I ran the traditional 2-mile run Thanksgiving morning, then hiked up and back down a mountain today.

      • Elizabeth

        And by “run” I mean “race.” Still.

    • Cate

      There are very few things I hate more than intentional exercise, so in order to keep myself relatively trim I just don’t eat any more than I normally would during the holidays. Sometimes I also have periods shortly after Christmas where I subsist off nothing but large numbers of sugar cookies. It’s not very healthy, but it sure does work!

    • Sam

      I workout all year, but I’ll definitely be stepping it up the sat after t giving. I submit myself to this torture so that I can indulge for the holidays without the guilt. For me, feeling lazy is the most miserable feeling on the planet. I don’t just stay thin, I have to work for it.