Courtney Stodden’s Church Outfit Is Predictably Inappropriate

You know you’ve been waiting for this day to come. We have obtained pictorial evidence of what happens when child bride Courtney Stodden‘s constantly aroused public persona collides with her professed love of Jesus: she pours herself into a little black dress that’s actually kind of demure for something Courtney Stodden would wear, and she worships that deity like there’s no tomorrow.

These photos were taken yesterday as Courtney, Doug, and mom of the year Krista hit up an LA-area church for some sensuous song and pubescent prayer. Afterwards, they went to the mall, where Courtney picked up a little something at Victoria’s Secret:

Something about the idea of her shopping for sexy lingerie with both her mother and her husband-she-can’t-stop-touching just gives me the mega douchechills. Then again, they do not appear to be actively engaging in foreplay, so I guess that’s something.

(Via HuffPo)

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    • porkchop

      This is the most infuriating picture of her yet. With her money, can’t she afford a dress that fits? I don’t care whether you got that bust from God or a surgeon. That’s no way to treat it.

    • L

      what is up with that arm cuff?! girl, no.

    • SometimesElla

      This is still happening? Seriously? Is a photo of her all that lucrative for a paparazzo?

    • jessie medrano

      what the fuck she is so ugly with all that caked on foundation ooooo dont get me started on her fat ass boobs damn one day them sandbags are gonna sufficate her (no offense ) well if it happens she will be free from the petifile she married


    • Zenaida Medina

      ewwwwwwww ewwwwww
      who the fuck is this is she in her 40′s or 50′s she looks sooo fake does she even have brains under that ugly hair !!!!!
      and lets not forget her boobs that are crying help me help me please

    • Jeri

      You’ve got to be kidding?! If this is what she was wearing to Church then I can’t see it being a real Church. Totally not appropriate!! Hopefully they kicked her slutty ass out. If she wants to live her life that way thats fine. No one can stop her. But someone needs to draw the line with these freaks and not allow them to display their lifestyle around people who are trying to uphold morals and values. These people clearly don’t have any and are being very disrespectful. Shame on her Mother for being a part of it! Disgusting

    • Shae

      Hm. You’d think with such a supportive mother, she’d have assistance with finding bras that fit.

    • laurie

      She looks so old. And God help her cuz whether those gross saggy boobs are hers or just implants under the skin and not under the muscle…they are to her knees… Gross… She is so ugly…and sweetie no one is jealous of you.ha ha ha….lol…lol…if she is really that young that’s sad cuz like all men have and are saying about this Courtney person, that she looks so bad and gross for the age she says she is. She looks so gross and old. Oh ya and no one is jealous of her. Hell no….lol…!!!!!!