Gallery: Kristen Stewart’s Wedding Dress, Manolo Blahniks From Breaking Dawn

The sleeved wedding dress worn by Kristen Stewart in the latest Twilight installment has been the subject of heated debate around here: some of you would wear it, most of you think it’s pretty ugly. Granted, last time we discussed the gown, we were focused specifically on the affordable copy manufactured by Alfred Angelo, not the Carolina Herrera original. Here’s the real thing–with its meticulous lace datails and delicate sheer back. You may notice how it’s considerably less… satin-y than the copy. Word is Herrera will make her own design available, presumably at a much, much higher price than Angelo’s. Here’s a bunch of close-ups of the dress, including her equally swirly Manolo Blahniks.

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    • emma watson

      I think that the dress looked absolutely amazing. I would love a wedding dress to look as elegant as this. Love, love, love.

    • Eileen

      In non-satin, this is really pretty. I would definitely wear it.

    • Bee Weiner

      Just gorgeous! It’s so nice to see a gown with sleeves, that current bare shoulder look for wedding dresses does not flatter all or even most women. This dress is both sophisticated and sexy which goes to show that more skin isn’t always better.

      Of course if she had a few more pounds (curves) on her she’d look even more sexy (better).

    • Marzena

      Funny I just saw that dress at Alfred Angelo while finding a dress for my Cousin’s wedding dress. Except that the dress was a little bit kind of a yellowish color thing.