Gallery: Vintage Ads Encourage Women To Gain Weight

Back in the day, women were encouraged to be fuller-figured than they are today. Indeed, so popular was the silhouette of the curvy gal that advertisers capitalized on it by shaming thin chicks in ads like the ones below.

Unfortunately, telling skinny women that they’re not beautiful is not really any better than telling fuller-figured women that they’re not beautiful. Advertisers have just always been in the business of making women feel bad about their bodies in order to get them to buy whatever product they’re selling. And honestly, you know, you have to give them credit for finding such a clever angle here — it’s like, once they had convinced all women to be curvy, they were all, “Just kidding! You have to be skinny. You need a whole new product now.” And they bought themselves at least another 30 years of sales.

In equal opportunity news, though, there is one ad among the following eight that’s geared towards shaming skinny men. Um…yay?

[via Huffington Post]

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    • Jamie Peck


    • Ash

      These ads make no sense, the women all look normal sized

      • MM

        Actually it does make sense, since the products seem to be for very thin women who want to be more ‘normal’ sized.

    • Chloe

      Among most straight men, I don’t think curves ever actually go out of style. The only difference is in what is fashionable. Also, the definition of skinny has clearly changed a lot, since most of these women are on the small side, even in the after photos.

    • Lola

      Yeah….this is all titties-related. As ever, it’s fine to be “curvy” as long as you have giant boobs, a tiny waist and shapely hips.

    • alexandra

      “I wish I could gain flesh!”

    • Ads From The 1800s Com

      Isn’t it interesting how even the history of weight gain or loss goes full circle over and over? My grandma tells me to gain weight all the time – seems like part of her Great Depression generation to show that now you are “well fed.”