Woman Steals Sperm, Expects Child Support

woman steals sperm expects child support

So, I guess Liz Jones was right, women are just stealing sperm left and right.

I mean, on the upside, it is not actually Liz Jones stealing the sperm. so I guess sanity prevailed in her case. But not in this one! Our sister site, Mommyish, reports:

A woman [Anetria] allegedly stole her now ex-boyfriend’s [Pressil] sperm from a used condom and then used it to impregnate herself with twins through IVF. She then went ahead and sued her ex for child support– and won! The baffled ex, meanwhile, is suing the fertility clinic that performed the procedure without his knowledge.

That seems incredibly logical. If a lover stole my lady parts and used them to make a child without my knowledge and then tried to make me pay for it, I’d sue them too. And by “them” I mean “the entire world” because by that point I would have entered a nightmare-world of Hellish lunacy anyway, and I guess that would be how I’d occupy my time there. However, Mommyish does point out that:

It’s not as if Pressil is the only victim here. In February, he was charged for allegedly assaulting Anetria. According to her affidavit, the alleged incident took place when she found a text from one of Pressil’s “lady friends,” along with “obscene, nude” picture from her and other women. She claims she tried to kick him out of the house but that he punched her, chocked her and then dragged her across the room.

I hate this kind of mention because in any other situation, I would feel sympathy for Anetria. And I do, but I also think that she is a manipulative monster. So, that’s difficult, then.

Let’s just all cross our fingers and hope that the kid ends up okay.

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    • Ella Jane Goeppinger

      Considering the IVF clinic she used required him to sign releases and come into the clinic for testing, I SERIOUSLY doubt she completed IVF without his knowledge.

    • Abigail

      If everything is as cut and dry as it appears (and this has happened in the past, so I wouldn’t be surprised), she is clearly manipulative and has issues, and he seems like he would benefit from a lot of counseling as well. I hope that these children are removed from the situation and given a chance to live a happy life with someone who cares about them, instead of two people who clearly have severe emotional issues.

    • Dadzrites

      Why is it that when both parties are guilty of bad behavior, it’s the man’s fault??? It says he was CHARGED with assault. He hasn’t been found guilty. In this case, I don’t believe the woman at all. She stole his sperm, got pregnant and defrauded him into paying child support. This woman has acted in total bad faith. What’s to make anyone believe her when she says the guy “assaulted” her. She’s a liar through and through. Her veracity is nil. The guy should automatically get custody of the child, as well as child support and damages from her.

    • vomiting

      Hey Dadzrites – why should he automatically get custody of the child? Why should he have to have anything to do with the child at all, if it isn’t one he chose to bring into the world?

    • Dadzrites

      Because she shouldn’t have custody. She brought the kid into the world under false pretenses and the child will have to live the rest of his life known as “the sperm donor’s son”.

      It is apparent that the women couldn’t put the child’s needs ahead of her own when she committed fraud, bad faith acts, and moral turpitude as a result. She committed a crime. She also has serious mental disorders if she can do this low-down act, and is an unfit parent as a result. Furthermore, the guy should sue her for $10 Million. The University of Indiana Medical School says that a person’s DNA is worth $9.7 Million. Throw in $300K for emotional stress claims and round off the number.

      He should get custody because he was more responsible and did the right thing by using a condom. The woman was a creep and should be in jail for theft by deception and a whole host of other charges.

      Women want the right to control having a child or having an abortion. The man has no say–except in this case.

      • Ella Jane Goeppinger

        at the risk of being repetitive, I’m going to repeat myself: Considering the IVF clinic she used required him to sign releases and come into the clinic for testing, I SERIOUSLY doubt she completed IVF without his knowledge.

    • Dadzrites

      You are speculating, without proof or facts, that she went to a reputable IVF clinic, or that she told the staff at the clinic the truth. Given the lack of veracity by this woman, presumably both of the issues I mention occurred.

    • Nichole

      Who edits this website? How did the word “chocked” slip through? Sorry to semi-rant, but as a practically unemployed person, I keep thinking that if sites like this don’t have editors, I would make a nice living being one for them.
      Aside from that, this woman is horrid! I hope that man wins his case because to have something so life-/wallet-altering happen against your will is absolutely unfair! I hope this man gets every single penny (and many, many more!) that he has coming to him!