White Nail Polish: How Do You Feel?

China Chow was recently photographed wearing stark white, opaque nail polish. Here’s a closer look:

I feel like this is something I’ve done by accident before, when I wanted that lovely nude-ish color on my nails but with a hint of white, the kind of color of which Essie has about 300 different versions.

This, though, is clearly a deliberate White Out white. Glamour likes it, just so you know — they called it “a perfect color for this time of year” because it’s the holiday season and so, snow, and whathaveyou, and also because it’s a contrast to the dark colors we usually see at this time of year.

But I’m not sold. I think it looks kind of crappy. It just looks like it’s about to peel off, and while I appreciate the fact that it’s something different, it’s a little too femmebot for my style.

How do you feel?

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    • ShyTown

      Yeahhh…I’ve tried to like it, but it still just feels like a little girl playing with white-out to me. And once they start to chip even a little (in about 20 min with my luck), they just look super sloppy.

      • Cate

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. It reminds me of when I was thirteen and thought I was so cool, painting my nails in White-Out.

    • danica

      I like it a lot. I found that three thin even layers under a top coat lasts for at least four days, but it takes like three hours to apply to all ten fingers.

    • Soos

      I like the nails better than whatever it is she’s wearing

    • alexandra

      I like it, especially for a special occasion. It does take a lot of work but if I was the kind of person who got manicures instead of doing my own nails, I’d go for it.

    • Kate

      I LOVE IT. White nail polish was MY THING for like, years. Works best in summer and winter.

    • Achelle

      Her polish looks crappy…. but I’ve worn white polish before it was CUTE!