Kris Humphries Wants To Erase His Marriage To Kim Kardashian From His Life Altogether

Breaking news in the Kim-Kris debacle: Kris Humphries is seeking a legal separation rather than a divorce, with the hope of eventually annulling his marriage to Kim Kardashian. According to, “the NBA player’s ultimate intent is to annul the marriage, clearing the record of ever being married to the reality star.”

Ouch. But honestly, if I were Kris, I’d probably want to erase this chapter of my life as well. Like Kim never existed. Like she was just never there. Like she and her family never waltzed into my life, took me for a wild ride on the wedding train, then dumped me at my own doorstep in Minnesota with a horrible reality TV hangover and possible Kardashian poisoning.

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    • I Mean What

      Surely, the Kardashian / Humphries debate is a welcome reprieve from those annoyingly boring Republican Debates. I give you As The Stomach Turns, Episode 3, Oh Yeah! starring Kris Humphries, Bianka Kamber (his ex-girlfriend) and his Random Family Members: