Gallery: Deep Thoughts, Mini-Dresses With The Victoria’s Secret Angels

Last night saw the airing of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and if you thought we couldn’t squeeze any more content out of this rock of dumb, you were wrong. We already critiqued the red carpet, we devoted special (outlandish!) derision to the show itself, and now we concern ourselves with three high-profile angels–Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge–at last night’s official viewing party. Sadly, you cannot be a woman and make light of the Angels (and their deathly serious work) without teenagers accusing you of being jealous in the comments, so let’s just be clear: all I’ve ever wanted in life is to stand on one foot and blow kisses in a tube dress.

(all photos via Getty)

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    • vomiting

      ‘A classics degree’? As though being beautiful and studious are mutually exclusive? I don’t like the brand Victoria’s Secret personally, but as people many of the models are lovely, intelligent people – Miranda certainly is.

      I wouldn’t call your article ‘making light.’ It reads as rather bitter and it is painful.

    • Eileen

      I agree with vomiting. Actually, you’re kind of disproving your own point – you have a classics degree, but you’re a fashion blogger, which means you obviously care about fashion. Kind of like VS models do (or maybe they don’t, but they get paid well enough to act as though they do).

      Mostly, though, this article isn’t all that funny or interesting. It’s just mean.

    • sam

      Why so angry? Is it because women walking around in their underwear have more influence and power on people than you, a blogger with a ‘classics’ degree? If you are so distinguished, why even pay these women any mind?

      It’s not like it’s easy doing what they do. Imagine the daily workouts it requires to look that good! It’s not like the just starve themselves, they wouldn’t have such great muscle tone if they did that.

    • superjack

      the extent to which the commenters have missed the point of your joke is… impressive and also saddening.

      • Sam

        Point of the joke wasn’t missed… The joke was funny in the first 3 or 4 articles about supermodels. Now, not so much.

    • MM

      I think your articles about VS are funny and not bitter at all. The whole VS Angel thing is pretty absurd, and I feel that I can think that without having any specific animosity for these undeniably gorgeous (and quite possibly intelligent) women.

      P.S. I have a Classics degree too! It doesn’t relate my job either but at least Catullus UNDERSTAND MEEE

    • Susan

      What was the point of the blog?
      If it was a politically correct, conformist “joke”, then so bet it. The PC conformists can sneer and snigger in their beige slippers behind their crumply hands.
      This url has no real analyses of the fun of fashion. And that’s possibly the most difficult concept of all to design, create and understand.
      Wit wherever and whenever you encounter it, especially in fashion, has to be treasured.
      It’s rare.
      Not so a classics degree that if it were well earned would not have the graduate boasting that she, he, has “an education”.
      That would be both shallow and fraudulent….. probably. But, of course, wisdom is knowing how to use degree, an education.
      And yes, I also have a degree. Two actually, a post-grad science Masters.
      That neither prevents me from being feminine, young, and a lover of the fun of fashion, nor enjoying the open mind that my education has given me.

    • Kelly Ackles

      WOW!! I
      just loved Lily Aldridge’s animal-print mini
      dress.I’ve ordered the same from YAY!! I am beyond exicted.