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Do your interests include “axolotls” and ”finding someone to mock the Kardashians with?”  You don’t need to go to our new dating page, because you and I can be each others’ soulmates. However, the rest of you will want to check out  TheGloss Dating. It’s part of our new partnership with HowAboutWe – a dating site where people suggest actual dates to go on and then go on them, rather than filling out forms about whether or not they believe in dinosaurs (I do believe in you, apatosaurus! You can do it!)

We’re pretty sure that you can find some people on there who share your common interests, although our “how about we become axolotl farmers?” post isn’t generating all that much of a response. It’s still early though! Get on there, propose the weirdest date you’ve ever wanted to go on, and see if you can find anyone who shares your offbeat taste.

Visit TheGloss Dating here.

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    • Lo

      I find the Kardashians baffling, and I love axolotls. And plateosaurs. I also love men, so this probably won’t work out, but we need to have an internet soulmate group specifically for these interests.

    • Jennifer Dziura

      I’ve been dinosaur-checked!

    • Ibrahim

      Very fantastic,funny.

    • annoymous

      Please be careful on this website. I subscribed for just $7.99 for the month and it charged me $95.00 for the year even though I later unsubscribed!! I have tried e-mailing them about it but no one is responding. On second thought, just don’t subscribe to this site at all. If they don’t refund me I am going to tell everyone I know NOT to go to this site.

      • annoymous

        Okay sorry for the scathing comment above, they did refund me. I feel really bad. It is a fun site if you have the money and I did actually meet someone after being on there for just a day….Sorry!