Lady Gaga: “The Secret To Good Skin Is Lots Of Orgasms”

We already knew that Lady Gaga had some pretty freaky affectations habits when it came to beauty (she promises that her forthcoming signature scent will smell like “blood and semen”). Regardless of whether or not anything Gaga says or does is rooted in truth, she does know how to get headlines. Like when she was recently asked about her skincare routine:

“Orgasms, lots of orgasms,” she replied when asked what her beauty secret was – though she later copped to the fact that liquid spinach might also help her complexion. The singer was sipping on a vegetable drink during her interview with British Elle. “

She then clarified:

“No, what I really mean is hard work and sweat.”

Throw in “genetics” and/or “a good dermatologist” and we’d say that’s a bit more reasonable.

(via the NY Daily News)

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    • Victoria

      i’m very prone to stress pimples and having orgasms makes me less stressed, so… this almost makes sense?

      • Tobi

        Yes, and because orgasms make you flush, bring blood closer to the surface of the skin, etc.

    • vomiting

      There really is some truth in orgasms = better skin. I don’t like Lady Gaga particularly and I think that she clearly says a lot of things for shock value, but this isn’t necessarily one of them.

    • Cheryl

      You ever think, maybe, just maybe, Gaga is fucking with us?