Taylor Swift Got New Bangs, How Do You Feel?

The talk of the internet today (and indeed, the world) is that Taylor Swift got rid of the romantical curls that she’s been rocking for 19 straight years and traded them in for some bangs and a a straightener. We personally salute the change, as it was beginning to seem that that one hairstyle was permanently affixed to Swift’s head.

Besides, she rocks the bangs impressively well. How do you feel?

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    • Janine

      WOW she looks awful :/ the haircut totally hides her face and it looks like she’s peeking out from under a blanket or something. She would probably look awesome with a pixie, but let’s face it: this is the only time she’s ever changed her appearance from the cat eye, curly swooshed back hair, and modest cute dresses. That this is a big change for her is really lame and underwhelming.

    • jen

      She definitely looks stunning as always… This is a pretty good change… Hope she keeps it for a while…

    • Sam

      While she’s still stunning, the curls give her character. Her color is too boring for the the new style. Add some highlights, or even low lights, and she’d be freakin rocking it.

    • The Girlie Blogger

      Um…I like her old hair better. She looks older with her new bangs.


    • ally

      I really like the straight hair but the bangs are too long.

    • Kj

      I am not a huge fan of Taylor Swift, but I think the bangs look good – more sophisticated :)

    • macalny

      Since I think she looks like an alien, I like the bangs – they hide her super-creepy eyes! While I’m generally all for curls and 100% against everyone having the same straight hair, she needs to cover some of her weird face. Yay for her new hair!!