10 Gifts You Should Never Give

worst holiday gifts


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing you a lot of shopping guides with cool ideas for the best holiday gifts. This is not one of them. This is just a desperate attempt to stop you from making bad decisions. Please, do not get anyone the worst holiday gifts ever.

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    • Sean

      I love friutcake!

    • M

      I have given my dad multiple ties over the past couple years, but that’s because when my parents moved awhile back he accidentally threw away all his ties and belt. He never wants to go through the trouble of actually having to go pick some out himself, but he does legitimately need them. He is also the hardest man alive to shop for ever because when he actually wants something, he buys it for himself. Hence: ties.

      Also speaking of terrible gifts: I give my boyfriend rocking presents. That does not sound very modest, but it’s true. Past gifts included a new muffler for his car, making out with his crazy-hot friend [though that was as much a present for me as him], a box of hammers [because flowers die but hammers are forever], a new wheel bearing pressed into the spindle I stole off the same car when he wasn’t looking [because the old one went out], an upgraded brake master cylinder [still the same car], a six-inch vise for our garage.. I asked him what he wants for Christmas this year and what does he ask for? Socks. And he MEANS it. Meh.

    • Amy

      These suggestions are all pretty accurate, but I think *fancy* scented candles and bath products are good gifts because it’s something you’d never buy yourself that you’d enjoy using. Like I would never buy myself a $30 candle, but if I got it as a gift, I’d really like it! Like little luxuries :)

      • MR

        Happy someone defended candles. There’s no nicer ambiance than making love in a candlelight setting. Yeah it’s a hippie thing.

    • Edi

      my husband requests very fancy, expensive ties for christmas. just sayin’

    • woo

      Good vegan soaps make my seat wet.

    • Nessy

      There are some Franciscan monks down the road who make some kick-ass fruitcake. They drown it in rum for two years. It will make you positively tipsy, making the holidays so much merrier!

      • Megan

        Discuss where “down the road” is, please. I need to obtain said fruitcake.

    • IppolitTIMOFEEV

      превосходное брачное агентство для знакомства за рубежом

    • Ninargh

      I think the bath products in the second slide are from Lush. And those are amazing. A varied selection of those would be a great gift!

    • Dee

      I love getting candles and bath stuff. So does my mother, to whom I’ll be giving a Scentsy simply because she likes that stuff and already requested one. Just saying.

    • miinxi

      I think ive bought all of these gifts for people at some point or another..

    • Tim

      There’s nothing wrong with giving candles (or bath stuff, for the right person).