Kim Kardashian Says Kris Humphies Is Gay

kim krdashian says kris humphries is gay

I think the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries is really teaching us valuable lessons about how not to date people, or marry people, or break-up with people or be, as a human.

Long story short, Kim just told US Magazine that Kris Humphries is gay and that he “wouldn’t touch her after her wedding night.”

Now, the point here isn’t whether or not he is gay. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t (though his rep has issued a statement saying that this is ““completely false and ridiculous. He is not gay”). Either way, in 2011 being gay really shouldn’t be seen as shameful – but it should be someone’s own choice as to whether or not they want to share their sexual preference with everyone (which is understandable because some people are more enlighted than others). [tagbox tag="Kim Kardashian"]

The point is that – taking those factors into consideration – you do not go around outing people that you were married to. You don’t do that because you respect them, and you value the time you spent together, and you don’t go around betraying their confidence because that is insane.  Because that is the action of a crazy person who has no trouble taking advantage of people they were presumably very close to in order to drum up a soap opera style plot. Oh! Oh. Wait.

That’s right.

Why is Kim Kardashian the worst person ever? Discuss!

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    • len132

      I don’t particularly like Kris Humphries, but I’m really hoping he sues the pants off Kim and all these magazines that are trashing him. It’s clear that it’s a smear campaign to try and get sympathy for Kim, and it just sucks.

      I may not like him, but I do feel sorry for him.

      • Dee

        Kim if Kris is gay,why were you begging him for a baby?
        Oh that was TV show talk…fake just like your wedding most folks see through your attempt to justify your divorce. It is clear from watching the first episode of K & K take NY that you were trying to come up with reasons to terminate what you knew was never real to you.

    • KG

      WORST. PERSON. ALIVE. Girls can be called jerks too. So sick of her shenanigans.

    • WYLTK

      What a spiteful wench.

    • Kyle Reese

      I don’t follow this much, but the Kardashians are the worst form of human trash I have ever see in my life. The more money they get, the s**t they buy the uglier, grosser and more disgusting they become. No doubt he is NOT gay but if you had to be married to a Borderline Personality Disorder C**T like her that sure would make being gay a blissful alternative.

    • Ally

      I don’t think any0ne in their right mind would want to touch this nasty waste of skin and bones. Just look at her, gross!

    • Logic

      Okay, I am no fan of the Kardashians. But, are you kidding me by believing this magazine? I think Kim has a good PR crew and a good PR sense (look she got famous and made so much $ because of PR), and they would never let her say that. This article is just as silly as the Kardashians’ fame.

    • Kelly Stevens

      She’s the 1 %. Rich, spoiled, famous for nothing, and not a bit concerned about anything but her “brand” if she did indeed say this about him. I don’t blame him for not touching her after their wedding night. That doesn’t make him gay. That just means he didn’t like what he saw.

    • lol

      Maybe Kim is lesbian…?

    • ruby

      if you’re dumb enough to hook up with a Kardashian, let alone marry one, shit like this is probably deserved.

    • Carolyn

      IT’S A TABLOID PEOPLE. She probably didn’t even say that…

    • jeh

      its simple. if it were true she would have had grounds for the annulment.

    • Micah

      Im getting tired of hearing about this woman eveywhere, she is such a drama queen. First sex tape with Ray J. Then she married and divorce Kris Humphries, and now there are rumors of a new sex tape. I was trying to find it on Google, but only this site came out , is that isnt her, she must have a twin sister lol

    • I Mean What

      As the continuing saga of Kris & Kim continues to veer off the course of respectability, the dishy new headline is, Kim Claims That Kris Is Gay in Star magazine, that bastion of truth. The name for this episode is As The Stomach Turns, Episode 4, Say What, Miss Thing?

    • Marissa

      “Now Kris vows to DESTROY the Kardashians!”

      Yes, please!

    • japanese face care

      That was though knowing kris is gay after being married. Tsk tsk

    • Ben A Varkentine

      Y’know…there’s really only one reason I could imagine any man wanting to be married to Kim Kardashian. And now you’re telling me that the guy who did it couldn’t even enjoy THAT?

      This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Steve

      Damn…how could she not know Kris was a peter puffer? He watch RayJay in the tape more than he watched her……let me have one night with her….please.

    • Jdude

      He probably decided he didn’t want to have a kid with that B!\€H, hence the no touching. Idk bout y’all but I don’t want anymore Kardashisluts running around….

    • cyx

      Does one REALLY have to be gay to not want to stick his penis in a cesspool..this maggot was simply for exposure and PR, nothing more…well played Chris….


      ok when i read this aticle i was in line at walmart awaiting my layaway i was so f ing upset. i wanted to kill the b***. first the ppl dont buy her i married for love story, then we dont but her im so depressed story, then we say wtf to her i cant believe im going through this and now when all else fail the evil b**** and her money hungry family want to ruin this mans life. i wont say he dont deserve it cause he did marry a slut but i will say, that she is pathetic. her vagina isnt doing the job anymore so she is hoping her he is gay story will. look trick, you ran out, you played yourself. trying to dip your ugly slutty face in every magazine and claim you do charity work, i think not. someone should have taught you less about f***ing and more about being a successful celeb. ppl get bored quick, especially when u dont do anything. your voice is annoying, you sisters are annoying, your saying are annoying, your face, is annoying. i couldnt imagine being your friend i would honestly plan your death if i had to listen to you talk all day. i hope ppl realize that when you are a celeb, you have to earn it. porn stars do more than you kim. i really hate ppl like you have money. and yes you look down on us. and that bs on that show about u going to see someone who hates you, i wasnt buying it. you dont do charity work, your a greedy, horny, money hungry, black c*ck sucking whore. enjoy your life on earth because you are going to hate eating burnt steak and shrimp with satan. ha ha ha ha ha ha oh yea and melted skin in place of your wine. maybe he will the devil will marry. oh no he even watched the ray j tape and he agreed you will never be married for nothing more than the curiousity of how you are in bed. and judging from that tape, you should really keep your mouth closed cause you sounded so dumb. oh ray yes omg, please.

    • yessi

      well in her defense Kris started to talk shit about Kim before she ever said anything about him & she probably just said this out of anger

    • Bryan

      Nobody truly knows the kardashians from the outside. None of us reading these stupid articles know them. Im not defending them or this situation but some of these horrible things you people say and wish upon these people makes you just as bad if not worse than you seem to think they are. They make money because when they realised people loved to exploit them and would continue to because of the fame the name brought to the family, they decided to cash in on it. Ive seen videos and shows and they are just like families today. Theres always the child that sticks out and has something to prove theres always a slutty one theres always an overzealous parent or authority figure. We all have extensive family drama but judge people so extensively based on theirs. Every family is unique, and unless your a world reknown psychologist then you really have no place interpreting or judging their lifestyle. The majority of what you read is falsified in print and mis- interpretted. After a while whn a family goes through so much you just stop caring and live free. You make your joke and do what you do and not let people like you run their lives. You judge them so much, but obviously they know what they are doing because they are floating quite higher than you. People make decisions. Its human. People make mistakes. Its human. Most of you think living their lives is so easy. But its not. Running a business is extensively life consuming no matter how much help you have. Modeling requires the extensive workouts and body training. Not being able to eat things you love when you want because you have to be this image people expect. Launching corporate clothing lines is huge. Making appointments and managing a family like that takes work. They earn what they have. They may have had a better card handed to them to start with, but thats life. If there was a choice, in life, for no one to have a decent playing card in life and just all struggle or have the choice for some to have the good cards and some the difficult. Id say some good is better than none. So until youve been there, done that, and have grown from the experience shut it. Your no god. You have no place in the matter.