Michele Bachmann Is The New Kate Middleton

Once upon a time, we debated the merits and drawbacks of Middleton eyes, wherein Kate and her sister Pippa draw thick black lines all the way around each eye. We came out against it, for the most part.

Well, now it looks like the Middletons are being given a run for their money by none other than presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. In close-ups, Bachmann appears to have just shoved her face into a pile of open makeup tubes to see what sticks. In the photo above, for instance, it looks like what stuck was three layers of fake eyelashes and two tubes of liquid eyeliner.

How do you feel? Do you think it’s too much, or do you think she’s just doing what has to be done to appear in the public eye?

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    • Derek Wain

      Feminine beauty is rare. In U.S. history, only 2-3 female political figures have been beautiful, true “10″s: Claire Boothe Luce, Congresswoman from CT in the early 1940s, and Michele Bachmann today. (Dolly Madison, based on contemporaneous accounts, 1790-1810, may have been a “10″.)
      It if virtually impossible to take a bad picture of MB, which is why the Team Obama media, like Daily Worker Kos, resort to caricatures of MB rather than using photographs. Michele Bachmann is “absolutely gorgeous”, according to ideological enemy, Whoopi Goldberg on MSNBC.

    • Ruby

      She’s pleasant looking, not beautiful. Of course attractiveness is subjective but I dont think the idea of a “10″ is subjective, its about undeniable flawless beauty. Either way I dont think media outlets who dont agree with her ridiculous politics need to worry about her average looks veiling her ignorant views. Personally, I think female politicians would be wise to wear as little makeup as possible, elaborate eye makeup as seen in the photo above risks looking undignified. Then again, there’s nothing dignified about Michelle Bachmann’s views or political tactics so its probably best she wears her ethics plastered on her face.

    • Eileen

      Was she on television at the time? i.e. could this be “stage makeup”? The handful of times I’ve seen people made up for theatre, television, or something similar, they’ve looked like (stereotypical) prostitutes – or perhaps clowns – in person, but totally normal from the audience. This looks like too much makeup to me, but she doesn’t want to risk looking washed-out on television. (fun fact: people who listened to the Kennedy/Nixon debate on the radio thought it was either a draw or Nixon by a hair; people who watched it on television thought Kennedy won by far. Makeup and looks matter, even in politics, and even for men!)