Poll: Raise Your Hand If You Think Elizabeth Olsen Is Curvy

elizabeth olsen curvy

Elizabeth Olsen recenly gave an interview at the War Horse premiere wherein she called herself “curvy.” We’re pondering whether or not she knows what the term “curvy” means.

Now, to be fair, she said that she was “the curvy one in her family” – which is true, because the Olsen twins are like tiny, lithe-limbed bejeweled skeletons, forever. Compared to the Olsen twins Twiggy would probably be curvy. But when I think of someone being curvy I tend to think of someone like a young Crystal Renn or Cristina Hendricks - actresses who have quite noticeable curves. I think, at least outside of Hollywood Liz Olsen would be considered a very slim girl, so trying to label herself as curvy just seems like a bid to appeal to appeal to “real women” who love seeing celebrities who break the classic beauty mold. Except in this case the implication seems to be that real women are blind, because she still looks like a very slim girl. But then, maybe everyone should be entitled to use the word curvy! Words don’t need to have meanings! What do you think?

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    • Tania

      Curvy is not the same as overweight, or fat, or plus-size, or whatever larger-than-average women want to be called. It just means… having curves! Like, a waist noticeably smaller than your hips, or boobs noticeably larger than your waist.

      It just means some places you go OUT, and some places you go IN. Fuck people who want it to mean fat. Because by golly, I have a 0.6 waist-to-hip ratio and weigh 115 pounds, and I’m pretty damn certain that counts as curvy and NOT fat.

      • Kayla

        Tania, I appreciate your comment. I hate that people think that slim girls cannot be curvy.

      • Cate

        I really appreciate this comment too.
        It’s very irritating to me when people ignore the fact that big girls aren’t the only ones who can be curvy. I wear a size four, but I have a ten inch difference between my waist and hips, and a nine and a half inch difference between my waist and bust. I’d really like someone to tell me seriously that I’m not curvy because my dress size is too low.

    • Abena

      Curvy is a shape, not a size.

      • Benita

        I want “Curvy is a shape, not a size” on a t-shirt!

    • Jamie Peck

      I saw her get mostly naked in Martha Marcy May Marlene and she had some pretty nice boobs and a butt on her! I felt bad for noticing this, because it was a movie about a rape cult, but I couldn’t help it. And she is certainly curvy compared to the Olsen Twins. They would make Kate Moss Olsen look like “the curvy one.”

    • anonymous

      My measurements: 5’8″, 37-27-38. I am curvy, not fat!

    • Marissa

      arughh….you guys just wrote an article in sept. about audrey hepburn being “curvacious,” though small. i’m pretty sure she’s smaller than this girl.

    • AKT

      Articles like this only make it harder for beautiful women to come to terms with what they’ve got to rock. If she thinks the’s curvy, then so be it. Her body shouldn’t be put under speculation for a simple comment. Can you imagine if you found a poll like this on the internet about YOU?

      • Carolyn

        Good point.

    • Celia

      I knew a girl in high school who was like 4’11, maybe a hundred pounds. But she had the tiniest little waist, huge boobs, and a great ass. She, my friends, was curvy.

    • M

      I agree with [basically all] the commenters saying small does not equal un-curvy. I also still voted no in the poll because I have yet to see a picture that makes me feel like she qualifies as legitimately curvy. I’m not saying she has NO curves but I feel like if curvy is on one side of a sliding scale and stick-straight is on the other then she’d be somewhere in the middle.

    • L

      “trying to label herself as curvy”, she wasn’t labeling herself as anything, comapred to her sisters she has a curvier figure. I’d like someone to harp on all the obese, like not a little chubby but OBESE women that boast about being ~curvy, you’re not, you’re fat.

      Actually…I take that back becasue WHO FUCKING CARES? just appreciate your own damn body.

      And for the record, Elizabeth Olsen has an incredible body (and the perfect boobs!) end of story.

    • Heather

      I agree that curvy is a shape, not a size. For many people, “curvy” has become a way to describe larger women. That is not always accurate.

    • Mikheal James

      She’s not curvy she’s fat. I saw her in that awful movie Marcy May and she got to be nude and naked and I was like, yo, this chick is fat and needs to start doing meth or coke like her sisters lose some pounds.