How Do You Keep Your Lips From Getting Chapped In The Winter?

heal chapped lips

What I like about my lips during the holiday season is that the little bits of blood on my lips mean that I don’t have to wear lipstick! What I don’t like is how people are always asking me if I am a vampire.

The vampire question really outweighs the cost-saving benefit of not wearing red lipstick. And it doesn’t help that my lips are always sore. But I’ve heard that chapstick can lead to your lips drying out (because you lick them more frequently when you’re not wearing chapstick) and, also, lead to a ruined life. Despite the fact that I’m curious to see exactly how this would come about – like, really, really curious – I’ve decided to instead turn to TheGloss readership for help. What do you do to keep your lips all soft and nice looking through the winter months? Do you use Vaseline? Is that a thing people are still doing? Do you use any home remedies? I mostly just smear on whatever lipstick is lying around. Please offer advice on how to heal my chapped lips, I am a monster.

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    • Colleen

      I use the EOS lip balm that comes in the little ball. I have it in two flavors and it, so far, has worked wonders.

      In subzero temps (hello, I live in Alaska, we get them) I actually use this stuff I bought in the sex toy shop called Nipple Nibblers. It’s a much better use than its original intention.

    • Christie

      The best thing I’ve found was when I was going through Accutane treatments which makes your lips crack and bleed really badly. It’s Neosporin Lip Health in a .35 oz tube. It even has SPF 20 sunscreen. No cracking or bleeding here anymore!

    • Kinzi

      Lanolin! I was on accutane as well. An acquaintance recommended it – she said another friend had told her that nipple tissue is the same as lip tissue. Lanolin is used normally by nursing mothers.

      • Ellen W.

        Lanolin is amazing and Benefit used to make a lip thing called “Smooch” that was lanolin-based. I miss it so.

        Anyway, I just wanted to mention that real lanolin is from sheep, so it’s not vegan if that’s important to people.

    • Annie

      Sore chapped lips are not a good look. I have the same problem and have tried EVERY lip balm on the market. For super sore lips that bleed Blistex Relief Cream is the best. (if they are that bad dont use vaseline)

      I have some great winter skin tips on my blog


    • Lauren

      I use all of the following (because I’m afraid of commitment in every aspect of my life):

      Honey Trap lip balm and Lip Service lip balm from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

      Hemp Lip Protector from The Body Shop.

      Burt’s Bees with Mango Butter.

      There are no parabans in any of those products.

    • sadie

      olive oil, i swear to god. put some on your lips when they feel sore/ chapped/ flaky. you might need to do it a few times a day at first, but soon your lips will be soft and smooth even without it.

    • Clio

      Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and Smith’s Rosebud Salve!

    • LCT

      I adore those EOS sphere lip balms! Sooo awesome! And be sure to exfoliate each night while washing your face (just use a washcloth) and apply balm before bedtime.

    • Jenny

      I wish someone had warned me about chapstick about 10 years ago when I first started using it.

      I am totally addicted. I’ve tried to switch to other lip balms and my lips end up flaking and peeling.

      Anyone have any suggestions for getting the chapstick monkey off my back?

    • Ash

      The most important think to remember is to drink lots of water. I like to wear chapstick during the day and shea butter at night

    • Barbara

      Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy! Only thing that helped me when I was put on some medication 2 years ago and my lips felt like they were on fire! The pot is a pain but it really works, the tube Neosporin Lip Health doesn’t work for me because I can’t deal with the sunscreen.

    • Elizabeth Lela

      I am a Vasaline addict. It is all of my bags, on my desk, in my bathroom, in my makeup bag, I love it!

    • sascha

      i am crazy about aquaphor–it’s basically vaseline, i guess, but i smear it all over my body when it’s cold and windy out. it’s worked wonders on my lips and cuticles, and it looks pretty as a gloss during the day. the only downside is applying it with your fingers (but i think they make some in a lip gloss tube).