Something Very Bad Can Happen To Your Nipples If You Smoke And Get Plastic Surgery

We’ve all heard horror stories about botched plastic surgery. Kanye West’s mom died during a cosmetic procedure. There was that one woman who wound up with uniboob. Now, we can add to the list of atrocities the fact that if you’re a smoker and you undergo a breast lift, your nipples could turn black and fall off.

The news comes to us courtesy of an article penned by plastic surgeon Anthony Youn on CNN. He explains that because blood flow is compromised in smokers’ bodies, the nipple — which is often moved during a lift — runs the risk of not getting enough blood to properly heal. If such a thing occurs, the nipple turns purple, then black, then it fucking falls off.

And guess what else? Should this problem come up during surgery, the solution to it involves leeches.

This potential complication doesn’t just apply to breast lifts, although the sentence “your nipples could turn black and fall off” is pretty attention-grabbing. Youn writes that a smoker who gets a facelift could find her blackened cheek one day sliding off her face. A tummy tuck patient could find themselves with a gaping wound that refuses to heal.

Smoking and plastic surgery don’t mix, m’kay?

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    • Ella Jane Goeppinger

      Is it a sign that society has warped my mind that I think I’d be more attractive without nipples?

    • Ellen W.

      I just wanted to say that I love the shoes on the woman in the lucky strike ad. Although it is a prime contendor for the late “The Dish” segment: “What the Hell is Going on in that Ad?!!”