Party Favors: The Best Gifts For Dudes

Clever USBs! Video games with high watchability! Gifts for guys. -The Hairpin

All of these winter cocktail recipes need a little more bourbon. -Divine Caroline

Is writing a memoir good for you? -Your Tango

Brad Pitt and Thandie NewtonWinona Ryder & Jimmy Fallon? -The Frisky

Probing questions: do “girl gamers” get more sex? -Betty Confidential

Are creative types more likely to cheat? -College Candy

Go inside Chloe Sevigny‘s spectacular closet. -Styleite

Paula Patton demonstrates how to wear pink lipstick. -StyleList

The 10 best places to buy luxury fashion around the globe. -The High Low

Excellent: stained glass nail art. -Refinery29

Speaking of nails, we’re very into “sugar plum” shades for the holidays. -Birchbox

We kind of want Jessica Alba‘s sweater. -The Budget Babe

Charlize Theron‘s plunging neckline. -HuffPo Style

Drinking juice for health? Or for the arsenic and lead? -YouBeauty

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