How Men Feel About: Your Velvet Dress (Surprisingly Offensive)

halle berry in vogue in velvet

Are you planning on breaking out a velvet dress this holiday season? We’re looking forward to seeing a ton of them at Christmas parties. Men are going to get weird and maybe kind of xenophobic and/or nose-plunging around you. We’d like to take a moment to note that no opinions are a reflection on TheGloss team. No. Seriously. We really want to divorce ourselves from these in particular. We didn’t expect that, kind of thought this would be cheerful.

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    • Fabel

      Whoa yeah, these are alll over the place offensive. Who knew velvet dresses could conjure such oddly specific negativity.

    • Stella

      [Snort] Guys are so stupid.

    • MM

      Hopefully none of them would have a problem with Beyonce in the last photo? If so they have no taste.

    • Ash

      Why are people surprised that this is offensive? Whenever guys are asked about their opinions on some aspect of women it will probably offend somebody. But more importantly, I find the connection between African tribes, fatness, and velvet dresses to be a *bit unrelated


    • Lisa

      Speaking as a Russian, Armand needs to be sent to Siberia.

    • Stephanie

      Actually it would be fat like an american, i haven’t seen alot of fat africans, but maybe he never sees the UNISEF cammercials

      • ?

        He probably doesn’t because it’s UNICEF. There are plenty of fat West Africans. I think he meant only African nations consider fat women beautiful or something to strive for — that used to be the case but the Western standard of skinny is becoming increasingly prevalent everywhere.

      • Sam

        Not to be nit-picky, but it’s pretty rude to generalize an entire, y’know, continent…and referencing UNISEF commercials when, again, talking about an entire continent full of millions of people is pretty ridiculous in every way.

    • Sigh

      Ghost-fuckers. Well ok then. This is why it’s best to never take men’s fashion advice.

      Ok, can I get way off topic and ask an important question? Is it men’s or mens’?

      • Sam

        Men’s, because men = already a plural.