The Editors Discuss: Sex Addiction & Shame

Last night, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff went to see Shame. They knew it was about sex addiction and supposed to be pretty heavy, but they also knew there’d be lots of dick shots of Michael Fassbender (which they care a lot about). Anyway, two Philistines and a bunch of spoilers ahead.

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    • Ninargh

      All I took from this is that you saw Fassbender’s cock.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        we said there’d be spoilers!

    • MM

      I hate all this rhetoric around “sex addiction.” It used to be that if you cheated on your wife, you were just an asshole. Now you’re a poor, suffering, addict!!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        He doesn’t cheat on anyone (his longest relationship was “four months”) so it’s not about infidelity in any way.

    • LCT

      Dammit, now I need to know what happens to these characters! And I know I’ll just be disturbed and depressed at the end, and it will so NOT be worth it.

      I knew I shouldn’t have clicked through…