Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Cover Has Been Compromised

Earlier today, we took a look at actresses that have taken the Playboy route to salvage dying careers. Lindsay Lohan is the most recent star to join that brigade, and today, the cover of her issue — which was set to debut on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” next week (does this mean that images of nude women are slowly becoming acceptable rather than being demonized and categorically interpreted as a direct threat to the well-being of children?) — has been posted online by Playboy’s PR team leaked.

Lohan looks glamorous, and for once, there’s no ankle bracelet or errant hair extension or string of drool to indicate that she’s anything less than perky and sober. Well played.

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    • Clothed Woman

      When will the images of nude men become equally mainstream and acceptable? Hmm?

      I think that the fact that all of our bodies, male and female, have to be hidden – unless some company stands to profit, i.e. Playboy or Ellen’s show is profiting – is the source of the problem. Why does our society force us all to wear clothes – but then displays images of nude women for profit? I guess the nude female body has been branded, trademarked and marked for sale, since it’s illegal to expose nudity (of either sex) for free in public, yet legal and common to show nude female bodies in strip clubs, movies, magazines, cable and now on broadcast tv for the profit of some media conglomerate or other company.