Would You Wear: Two-Tone Lips? (Say ‘No’)

Two-tone lips are a thing that is happening, according to this helpful set of instructions from Refinery29. They suggest it’s a good way to stand out at holiday parties, and say that the trick is to scale back: “With a look this daring, you don’t need to go crazy with color. Instead, choose a neutral-hued lip color and a brighter shade to accent.”

Although we appreciate the endorsement of restraint, we think that no matter how subtle you are, two-tone lips are the fastest way to look like a fashion victim this holiday season. But! We’re very often wrong.


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(via Birchbox)

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    • Genevieve

      I wore this to a party this summer(pink and coral) and I got nothing but compliments the whole time! I think the trick is to make sure the rest of you is very pulled together. it’s like mixing weird patterns–very fashion-forward, but you have to believe in yourself!

    • Not a lawyer, but…

      I believe this headline is what’s known as Leading The Witness

    • Ellen W.

      My Mom used to think my sister didn’t pick on me until one Christmas when she came home from college and I walk downstairs after putting on some lipstain and the first thing she says (after not seeing me for three months, remember!) is: “You’re lips are two different colors.” All I did was look at Mom and point at my sis.