Real Talk: FDA Decision On Plan B Overruled – Have You Ever Had Trouble Getting It?

FDA decision Plan B overruled

The Government just overruled the FDA ‘s  decision to allow Plan B (the pill which, if taken 72 hours after sex can very significantly reduce the risk of pregnancy) to be sold on drugstores shelves to anyone of age. Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius claimed she overruled the decision due to a concern for its use by young teens. Plan B is currently only available with a perscription to anyone under 16. Fortuntely it’s still available behind the counters for everyone else, though there are always concerns about shortages or absolutely awful pharmacists. We talked to some ladies who have used Plan B to see what their experience was like.


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    • Tania

      I’ve never used it personally, but when a friend had an “oops we got carried away and didn’t use a condom” moment of panic, she had absolutely no problem getting it at the tiny pharmacy beside where she worked.

      This is in Canada, though, where we apparently have no legal limitations on abortion, so it’d be weird to find a pregnancy preventer difficult to find!

      • Dana

        I know what you mean. I’ve had to use it twice and it was over-the-counter right next to the condoms. No judgement no hassle. The only real annoyance is the price. I feel really bad for American women.

    • Fabel

      I made the dudes go the two times I’ve needed it, and they didn’t have any trouble. I did not want to go because I have vivid day-mares of the pharmicist giving me a judge-y look & apparently I am not equipped to deal with that.

    • CNM

      I’ve had no trouble getting it. I was in a college town and just popped in to my local friendly Planned Parenthood. I did get nausea, which sucked, but way less sucky than an unexpected pregnancy.

    • Jamie Peck

      I needed to take it once in college, before they made it over the counter, and it was a fucking nightmare to try to get a prescription for a “non-emergency” from Columbia Health Services on the weekend. It WAS a fucking emergency, you coldhearted people. Finally after like a whole day of calling I got a doctor to begrudgingly call it in for me. I’m very glad women don’t have to deal with that anymore, and I wish they would make it the same for girls under 18.

    • len132

      Can we hear from people in the south and midwest, maybe? I’m pretty sure that’s where people have the most problems.

      • traci

        i posted below as well, but figured i would respond to you. i live in louisiana and i have used it 3 times i think. and i have never had an issue with getting it. the pharmacists have always been really nice about it. i guess i have been really lucky!

    • Kimber

      I’ve taken it once and I was about 18 at the time, in Canada. I had no trouble getting it from a pharmacist, although I was a little stressed out about having to ask for it in front of a line of people. The pharmacist was okay, wouldn’t have called him friendly, per se, but he told me how to use it properly and sent me on my way.

    • sri

      I live in northern Florida, and I had a horrible time getting plan b the one time I needed it. The first 2 pharmacies I went to, they refused to sell it and got all judgey. The third place, I sent my boyfriend in to get it. He figured that he would buy two doses so we wouldn’t have to play this game again, and just always have a backup. The pharmacist agreed to sell one, but said that if he was going to insist on getting 2, he wouldn’t get any. He grabbed the one and got out. It was honestly one of the most embarrassing experiences I’ve been through.

    • Arnie

      I got it once when I was 18, and had absolutely no trouble. The pharmacist was absolutely lovely about it. Took me aside, explained exactly what it was, what it did, how it worked, and what I should expect, all while reassuring my incredibly worried self.

      This was back in New Zealand, though. I am doing my best to not need to test out how easy it is while I’m in America.

    • traci

      i live in louisiana and have taken it a total of 3 times i think? and i have never had an issue. they have always been super nice about it. i did have some of the side effects to it. i always got 2 periods that month. but other than that it has neve been an issue!

    • L

      I’ve used it twice, both times I was on birth control but being overly cautious. The first time I went to planned parenthood and had to fill out a bunch of papers, annoying but whatever…I think I was 16 at the time.

      The second time I went to a CVS and while the pharmacist was a pleasant non-judgey older man, there was a nun behind me in line that gave me the side eye when I walked past her with my sinner pill.

    • Lo

      Protip for anyone out in the sticks in the UK: never have any sex-related mishaps on a Saturday night. We had to find a pharmacy that a) dispensed the emergency pill, and b) was open on a Sunday morning. Cue Benny Hill chase sequence.

      (However, once we did track it down, the pharmacist was perfectly discreet and non-judgey).