Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Actress?

michelle pfeiffer high school

You may be seeing her again soon…

If you love romantic comedies themed around holidays. It’s Michelle Pfieffer, who plays a nerd in the upcoming movie New Years Eve. You can tell, because they make her a brunette who is clumsy! This whole premise is kind of hilarious, because she has clearly never not looked beautiful, and still looks, essentially, the way she did in her high school photo. Either she has had absolutely stunning work done or she… takes really good care of herself. We’re really pushing for the “stunning work” option because we don’t want to give up our absolutely appalling habits. In any event, here she is now:

michelle pfieffer 2011


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    • MR

      Again just a guy’s feel. I disagree with you. I think she just takes really good care of herself. It’s how she lives. On a side note Jennifer, cause you got me curious. In her role as ‘The Countess’. If Archer and she had made love only that one time, would you have considered them to be ‘lovers’ or only just ‘friends with benefits’?

      • Jennifer Wright

        They would have been lovers! Obviously. Because the Countess was EXACTLY the kind of a woman who had lovers and it was the age of innocence. I don’t object to the idea of lovers – I think the idea is amazing – I just couldn’t, say, hook up with a dude in a bar and refer to him as my lover. It seems like it degrades how cool the term is, a little bit.

      • MR

        Yeah I agree 100%. It’s the level of itimacy that delineates when the term is appropriate. But truthfully, it’s the difference between passionless sex and sex with passion – two worlds of difference for I have experienced the both of them. I disagree with you on the Countess though. I thought she was in search of a soulmate, yes always the optimal lover. Do you disagree?