Courtney Stodden’s Most Disturbing Tweet So Far

 courtney stodden twitter disturbing

We find a lot of Courtney Stodden‘s tweets both hilarious and disturbing, but this Christmas themed one – just in time for the holidays - really pushes us over towards the “she’s a performance artist” side of the spectrum. I mean, further than we already were. Let’s break down the most unnerving aspects:

1) This is a 17 year old girl tweeting about dangling mistletoe over her ladybits.

2) She brought Santa Claus into this.

3) Sure, we bring Santa into weird stuff all the time but it’s different when we do it.

4) Because we don’t use the word “moist,” that’s why. And we’re not hanging mistletoe over our most mysterious vaginas.

5) Really, the most upsetting part is the fact someone that skilled at alliteration isn’t going to college. That’s just depressing.

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    • Cee

      Dear god…

      • A

        Don’t invoke the word god. She’ll use the words gooey, goodness, gyrating, golden and gonads.

      • Cee

        Haha, too true

    • Disgusted Man who is Doug’s age.

      Other types of child pornography are illegal – why is this acceptable?

    • L

      This has nothing to do with the post, but I would just like to say that with the promotional samsung focus flash background it is impossible to read any of the posts. Dark blue background with black letters does not work.

    • Olivia

      I can’t tell if she’s self aware at this point.

      • sarah

        Right? Like a drugged, coached sex-bot. :-/

    • PFL

      OMG… the things I would do to her. Hohoho! What a vixen.

    • MadMadamG

      I have not the words to express my disgusted delight that she keeps posting things like this and how creative she is getting. I do wonder if she is going through a dictionary and jamming words together. Brilliant! She is the Saw of twitter. Disgusting, heinous, popular…. Unwilling to stop coming back.