Pick Of The Week: Aquaphor

In Pick Of The Week, I highlight a nifty fashion or beauty item I’ve discovered in my travels.

What with all the confusion around these parts about how to keep one’s lips from getting chapped in the winter, I feel like I should weigh in and tell you that the only thing I ever put on my lips is Aquaphor.

I first discovered this particular lotion when I started getting tattooed by my friend Jess Versus. She recommends her clients use it on their healing tattoos, because unlike many lotions, it doesn’t contain a ton of alcohol, which can dry out your tattoo in a bad way. Once I had purchased a large supply of Aquaphor, I used it as my go-to lotion whenever my skin was feeling dry, and found it moisturized better than any of the fancier lotions I’d tried.

It works especially well on my chapped, winter time lips. Maybe because it’s a superior lotion, or maybe just because it has no flavor so I’m not constantly tempted to lick it off. It doesn’t come in a cute, colorful tube or anything, but it’s cheap and widely available, which is generally preferable in my book, anyway. I always keep a small tube of it in the dirty messenger bag I call a purse. Try it and see.

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    • Ms. Pants

      I discovered this stuff over the summer during radiation treatments. My radiologist recommended it for the radiation burns that can occur. I was lucky and only got one burn at the end of my treatments, but I put Aquaphor on it and it was gone within48 hours. Miracle goop!

      Never thought about using it on my lips, but as they’re chapped right now, I’m totally about to dip in!

    • Jenny

      I have a coworker who, when asked if she had chapstick, handed over a tube of Aquaphor. Of course, everyone gave her crap because it’s lotion, not chapstick. She absolutely swears by it.

      After her testimony and the other chapped lip article that inspired this one, I saw a tube of Aquaphor Lip Repair at my grocery store. I’m hooked!

    • Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex

      I love Aquaphor. It’s the best stuff for your lips.

    • Jess Versus

      It’s ointment, technically (although I hate that word), not lotion…. Every tattoo needs a little ointment in the beginning, unless you are dry healing! Lotion generally comes into play AFTER you switch over from the inital ointment application. Hope that doesn’t confuse anyone.

    • Sara F

      Ladies with sensitive skin, this product also works magic on eyebrow wax burns. No need to inflict rage upon your esthetician anymore!

    • erin

      ok,if your the top of your lips get all raw and irritated in the winter,put this on it. sooo much better :)

    • jackie


    • macalny

      I work in a doctor’s office with a dermatologist and we use this stuff for EVERYTHING! It’s magic: ragged cuticles? Healed! Chapped lips? Softened! Windburn? Soothed! It is amazing. The one thing I’d add is that since it doesn’t have SPF, use on lips at night and use a chapstick-type thing with SPF during the day.

    • Lucy

      Here’s another amazing use for it: IT STIMULATES LASH GROWTH! No joke, my Asian friend told me about it because it worked on her, I tried it and my lashes have definitely thickened! Plus, it definitely helps with crows feet. That’s how she came to find this out. It doesn’t hurt to give this a try! Good luck!