NSFW: Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Spread Is Here

It is time: Lindsay Lohan‘s complete Playboy spread has landed online and it’s here until we get e-mails telling us to take it down. It’s called Lindsay Reborn, which is absurd for a million reasons. We prepose Lindsay… Recycles Stale Marilyn Monroe Trope, Shows Breasts, Pleas For Relevance. Anyway, Lindsay was going to unveil the images officially on Ellen but as Editor in Chief Jennifer Wright sighs, “And now, I guess, she’ll… still unveil them.” Enjoy. And NSFW, obviously.

The Washington Post says Playboy execs aren’t exactly psyched on the leak.

(via ONTD)

UPDATE: The Playboy execs are definitely upset. Their lawyers have asked us to remove the images, so you’ll have to Google elsewhere to find them. 

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    • BeccaTheCyborg

      She mostly just looks like a thinner, alive-er Anna Nicole Smith.

    • Tee

      More like she’s channeling Amanda Lepore. Sigh. I’m bored.

    • Kathleen N.

      Boring is right. How many times have we read/seen a Lindsay Reborn article in a magazine? The only difference with this one is that she’s naked. You can only be reborn so many times before people don’t care. I guess that the million she was paid for this will tide her over for a few months. Then what “shocking” thing will she do for attention? Hustler?

    • Megs

      I’m not a LL fan, but I think she looks beautiful.

    • Kate

      Holy airbrushing… she doesn’t look real to me, more like a statue. Are guys really into that?

    • Kj

      But… what does the article say?!

    • meg

      I love how they are quoting Lindsay Lohan but nothing about this is original “Sex is a part of nature, I go along with nature.”-Marilyn Monroe