Do You Schedule Sex?

do you schedule sex

Our friends at TheFrisky have a “sex in seven days” regimen article, which is slightly amazing to us. The author notes that:

I don’t have much spontaneous sex; the sex I have is usually planned. Scheduled, even. While guys just change their T-shirt and they’re ready to go, I have to endure an entire prep-for-sex checklist.

I legitimately just change my t-shirt and am good to go, as a general rule. This guide to 7-days to sex includes a list of pre-approved diet sex foods (grapefruit, cottage cheese) a reminder to take vitamins (like calcium pills) and to masturbate before you go to sleep every night. I am worried that if I had to remember to do all of this before having sex I would never have sex again. But the idea of sex as something to look forward to is… nice! When people are away for a bit! My guide if you’ve scheduled sex is “maybe buy new underwear.” But then, I don’t often schedule it. Do you? How far in advance?

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    • Kj

      Whenever I try to “schedule” it, something always goes horribly awry. Therefore I don’t even bother trying to plan for it anymore. If it happens, it happens.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Um… I schedule sex because I’m really busy. And by scheduling, I know it will happen, which is nice. But it has nothing to do with a preparation routine. Thank God I’m married and I can have sex no matter what I ate or when I last shaved my legs.

    • Kayla

      My partner and I assume business time will be happening on Fridays and Saturdays, so I get rid of body hair on Thursdays and call it good. It makes me feel better and I think he appreciates it. But extra vitamins? Self tanner? Masturbating in the days leading up? Overkill. Chances are, whoever is getting in your pants is totally psyched to be there, and you should be, too! Just enjoy it.