Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue To Be Released Early

Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy spread was leaked online, and as a result, the magazine has decided to release her issue early. Lohan’s photos, taken for the magazine’s January-February issue, were supposed to be revealed on December 15 on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” but will now hit newsstands next week.

Hef tweeted about the updated release, complete with a misspelling of his golden ticket’s first name:

The actual Lindsey Lohan issue will be available on newsstands at the end of next week. Hot. Hot. Hot.n

Hef also suggests, in another tweet, that women give the magazine as a gift to their husband, boyfriend, father or son. I like Playboy, but the idea of gifting masturbatory material to the men in my family to whom I’m related by blood feels a little unsavory. I’ll assume they can find it on their own, should they choose to look.

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    • Imran Anwar

      Ironically, this is one issue on which one can genuinely claim “I get it for the articles.” I will skip the cover/feature and go straight to the article about Steve Jobs and Andy Warhol.

      Sorry, Lindsay, but even the magicians at Playboy could not make you desirable in this, ummm, spread.

      Imran Anwar — IMRAN.TV

    • Maria

      Why is this boring, unimportant story up on ALL of your affilated sites? That’s kind of obvious PR for her. Please stop, it discredits your wonderful site.