The Muppets’ OPI Capsule Collection Is A Boatload Of Sparkly Fun

I’ve been looking for thick sparkly nail polish my entire life. Ever since I realized that I wouldn’t be a princess with a shiny tiara galloping through a mythical forrest, my attraction to sparkles and sequins kicked in and seems to have made my lack of tiara life bearable.

I see sequins in a store window and I run like hell to buy whatever garment they happen to be on; I see rhinestones on a bra, I absolutely must purchase it, and when I see perfectly sparkly nail polish on a stranger on the street, I stalk then inquire with the excitement of a five-year-old who just discovered that tutus exist.

However, trying to find sparkly nail polish thick enough to actually coat the whole nail, as opposed to just be used as a top coat of shimmer, has been difficult. I have tried many brands and colors and still have ended up disappointed. I was just about to cover my nails in glue and shove them in a tub of sparkles when I came across the OPI Muppets capsule collection. Although I had read about it a couple months ago and made a mental note to try them out, I somehow forgot until last week.

For reasons I don’t want to discuss, I stumbled into the Ricky’s a few blocks away from my apartment and noticed that they had a few of The Muppets’ colors. Since it’s the holiday season I bought “Fresh Frog of Bel Air” (green) and “Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It” (red). And I have one word for the outcome after applying three coats:  hallelujah!

Yes, it took three very thick, dripping brush strokes of polish to reach the desired look, but it finally happened. A life time of searching has finally come to an end, people. So, of course, I’m in the market to buy the rest of the colors and several of each so I’ll forever be inundated in sparkly nails. I really never thought it wasn’t going to happen, but now I have myself a real life Christmas miracle.

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    • Cleo

      There other sparklely polishes:
      But yeah, the Muppets collection was pretty awesome.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Oooh! Thanks for the tip, Cleo!

    • Mary

      Wet and Wild and Sally Hansen both have super-sparkly limited edition collections out right now too. I’ve tried some of all of these (including the OPI) and I think the w&w stuff gives the best coverage.

    • Amy

      OPI is really expensive here so if you want glittery nails, what I’ve done many times is this:
      - coat nails in a clear varnish
      - dip in glitter (iridescent white is pretty)
      - top coat, et voila.

      It’s a bitch to get off but it’s a lovely effect.

    • Lauren

      My favorite sparkley nail polish right now is also by OPI – It’s My Year.

      It was a limited edition (Miss USA or Miss America, I get those confused, line), but you can still find it in stores. It’s purple with gold sparkles in it. It’s GORGEOUS. Every time I wear it someone asks me what it is and where I got it.

    • Elizabeth

      I love the Muppet polishes from OPI. I have all the majorly sparkly ones except the rainbow one (I don’t like rainbow glitter). The polishes are an absolute bear to remove, but they’re truly epic so I don’t care.

      I like them best layered over a coat of a slightly lighter or different color. The red one is amazing over orange or pink. The blue one over a pale blue polish gave a kind of foil-like effect.

    • Barbara

      China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Perfect red for the holidays!

      • Lu

        I am actually wearing this on my toes right now. It really is the -perfect- deep, santa-suit sparkly holiday red.